What to Know About the Ty Princess Beanie Baby

If you love collectible Beanie Babies or are a huge fan of Princess Diana, the Princess Diana Ty Beanie Baby can be a lovely keepsake to own. There are all sorts of fascinating variants in the swing tag and tush tag that make it possible to identify the rarest versions of the Princess Di Beanie Baby. With its purple coat marked with a white rose, the Princess Beanie Baby without a tag can also be a cute toy for a child, and you can find one for an affordable price on eBay.

What is the difference between space and no-space tags?

One of the key identifiers when looking at models of the Princess Beanie Baby is the type of tag they have. Collectors often refer to a Princess Diana Ty Beanie Baby as either "no-space" or "space." This refers to whether or not there is a space above the last two lines of text on the heart-shaped swing tag. If there is no space dividing the last four lines of text into two parts, then it is a first-edition copy of the bear. No bears with a space above the "Diana Princess of Wales" line are first editions, regardless of whether they were produced in Indonesia or China.

How do you tell the Princess Diana Beanie Baby's value?

As a collectible item, there is no set Princess Diana Beanie Baby worth. You will have to decide how much you are willing to pay for any Beanie Baby. Generally, the resale price for rarer bears in better condition is higher, while a cheap Princess Diana Beanie Baby may be a more common or heavily used model. Since the Princess Di bear was first produced, there has been a lot of rumors and misinformation surrounding the rarity of the bear. The only models of the Princess Diana Beanie Baby produced in low enough quantities to count as rare are the first-edition bears made in Indonesia that have a tush tag mentioning PVC pellets and Canadian customs.

The difference between PVC and PE Princess Beanies

These labels refer to the type of pellet used in the Beanie Baby, with PE standing for polyethylene and PVC standing for polyvinylchloride. The main difference for collectors is simply in the age of the Beanie Baby. All models of the 1997 Princess Diana Beanie Baby have pellets made from PVC, and all ones after 1998 have PE pellets. It also slightly affects the feel of the bear, with PVC pellets feeling slightly smaller and more cylindrical.

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