Two-Way Mirror Buying Guide

The first thing to come to mind when you think two-way mirror may be the classic scene of a heated police interrogation with observers watching the process with anonymity behind a two-way mirror. While two-way mirrors are still used in these settings, there are also plenty of other ways the average person can take advantage of the ingenuity of these mirrors. You don't have to be a security professional to use eBay to find an affordably priced two-way mirror that fits your needs.

Can a camera or TV be behind a two-way mirror?

Two-way mirrors are often used by private security to monitor employees and customers. Just as a person can stand and observe from behind a two-way mirror, a camera can be placed behind one to record discreetly. It should be noted that any light from the camera may be visible from the mirrored side, so cover camera lights to prevent detection.

Another cool use for two-way mirrors is strictly for entertainment purposes. Placing a TV behind a two-way mirror is an excellent way to give your bathroom or other areas a clean look while keeping your TV hidden when not in use.

Are two-way mirrors scratch-resistant and shatterproof?

Whether your two-way mirror is scratch-resistant or shatterproof will depend on the material used. Acrylic two-way mirrors are typically shatterproof, but they can scratch easily. Glass two-way mirrors can be scratch-resistant but not shatterproof.

What should you look for when choosing a two-way mirror?

When looking for a two-way mirror, here are some things to consider:

  • The dimensions you need the mirror to fill
  • Do not usually come with a frame
  • Safety risks and whether or not you need a shatterproof mirror