Explore Your Options for TV Antenna Boosters

A television antenna booster allows you to gain clearer reception when watching your shows or movies. You will find a wide range of TV antenna boosters available on eBay that meet these needs.

What should be considered when buying a TV antenna booster?

There are several factors to consider when purchasing an antenna booster. These include the following:

Cable antenna - Check your existing cable antenna. Before purchasing an antenna booster, check the antenna cable coming into the building for signs of damage, wear, or disconnect. This will allow you to see if a booster is actually necessary.

Splitter or booster - Determine if you need a splitter or booster. Determine if you need a splitter to reduce the decibels going to a specific television or if a booster is truly needed. You can determine this by seeing if the signal strength is stronger or weaker at different television points.

Internal vs external - Select between internal and external TV antenna boosters. Ensure that you are purchasing and internal or external booster for your needs. This will determine where the device will need to be affixed.

Gain - Avoid too much gain. A signal booster is rated in decibels (dB). It is common for people to think that the higher this rating, the better results they will get for their antenna boosting needs. Unfortunately, this is not true. With too much gain it is possible to overload the television input. This can cause the incoming signal to become worse. The normal booster needs for signals is 10 to 12 dB.

Booster - Position the booster properly. Place your antenna booster as close to the antenna coming into the building as possible. This will prevent the signal from being reduced and result in more focus on the strength of the signal going to the television. It will also decrease unwanted noise from being experienced.

How many inputs and outputs does an antenna booster have?

There are different input and output points for different model antenna boosters out there. The number of ports you will need is based on your specific setup. If you only have one antenna cable coming into a building, you will only need one input port. The number of output ports is determined by the different television points you wish to connect to the device for clearer viewing capabilities.

What is a TV antenna booster used for?

A television antenna booster, also known as a signal booster, is designed to connect an incoming signal to televisions throughout a building. These devices boost the strength of the signal with the intention of improving the quality of the signal that is distributed to the televisions. With some antenna boosters, it is possible to increase the number of stations that are picked up by the antenna.