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Turn Signals for Pontiac Firebird

The Pontiac Firebird model is a classic car that the manufacturer originally released in 1967. It gets its name from the Firebird emblem used on the hood that covers the engine. Turn signals for this car alert others before you come to a complete stop and make a turn.

What are the parts of a Firebird turn signal?

Depending on the type of Firebird model you have, you may find that your turn signals consist of different parts. Those components include:

  • Bumper signal: The bumper signal is the part of the turn signal that sits on the bumper of the Pontiac Firebird. It will have a cover on top in either white, yellow, or red.
  • Side lights: Pontiac added side lights to this car that work with the bumper signal. These lights catch the eye of cars near you while you drive, but not behind you, and tell them when you need to turn.
  • Bulbs: Inside the signal is a small bulb that provides the blinking light associated with a turn signal. You can use different types of bulbs inside, but will need to remove the plastic cover first.
  • Wiring: The engine in your Pontiac Firebird must have the right wiring needed to power the turn signals. Different wires run to the back of the car and to each turn signal.
  • Hardware: You will also find some basic hardware that keeps the turn signals attached to your car. This usually consists of small screws that you will see inside the cover.
Are turn signals compatible across all generations?

Turn signals and replacement parts are not compatible across all generations of the Pontiac Firebird. Pontiac considers the first generation as those made between 1967 and 1969. The second generation of the Firebird ran from 1970 to 1981. There was a third generation that lasted until 1992 and a fourth generation that ended in 2002. The body style on each one changed, which means that turn signal parts and covers from one generation will not work on another.

What companies make Firebird turn signals?

Pontiac is part of General Motors, which means that you will find Firebird parts made by GM. These are original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts and come in designs to meet classic cars and later generation vehicles. Aftermarket replacements that come from other equipment manufacturers will also fit your Pontiac Firebird. Wagner, Dorman, and Eiko all make turn signals for the Firebird. You can also use unbranded parts in your car.

What bulbs can you use in turn signals?

Philips and other companies make replacement bulbs that are compatible with different generations of the Pontiac Firebird. Older generations of this car used halogen or incandescent bulbs. More recent generations of the Pontiac Firebird will work with LED bulbs. These are bright and have a long life. There are kits available that come with bulbs for each one of your turn signals too. These kits usually include instructions on how to remove the cover and replace the bulb.