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Get Ready to Ride With Tucker Western Horse Saddles

Horseback riding is one of the true pleasures of owning a horse and buying a good quality saddle will make your ride go smooth and pleasant. Tucker western horse saddles available in new and used condition on eBay offer comfort for both the rider and the horse to make trail rides an enjoyable experience. The company has decades of experience producing quality products for horse enthusiasts around the world.

Factors to consider in a used Tucker saddle

When purchasing a used saddle on eBay, you may want to consider several factors to ensure you are choosing the best saddle for your needs. Some considerations that may help guide your purchasing decision are described here:

  • Make sure the saddle tree is in good condition. A saddle tree should be free from any twists or cracks.
  • Check that the saddle leather is soft and pliable. Leather that has been cared for will be soft and pliant.
  • Know what fits you and your horse. If you can, take the opportunity to ride in different saddles with your horse. That way, when you purchase your saddle, you will have a good idea of which saddles fit your horse properly.
  • Check for the Tucker saddle serial number. The number is located on the saddle's brand plate. The serial number is usually just below the model number. You should be able to clearly see the serial number without any scratches.
Does age make a difference when buying a used saddle?

A well-cared-for saddle can last many years. However, in the past couple of decades, saddle design has advanced as new materials and techniques have been developed for both the rider and the horse's comfort. When buying a used Tucker saddle, consider the features the saddle offers. If the saddle is more than 15 years old, you may want to weigh the features of the used saddle versus what features are available in a saddle that's been manufactured more recently.

What kinds of Tucker saddles are there?

The Tucker company specializes in developing and manufacturing Western horse saddles for endurance and trail riding. They offer West horse saddles in several sizes based on the horse's girth, the rider's height and weight, and the rider's seat preference. Typically, the size range starts at 15 inches goes to 18 inches. A couple of common saddles you'll find are described here:

  • Tucker Trail Saddle: These are made with Tuckers patented Gel-Crush seats, making it a shock absorbing seat ideal for long rides.
  • Tucker Endurance Trail: This also has a Gel-Crush seat, and the no-horn design makes it comfortable while bending over.
  • Tucker High Plains Trail: This has a wide swell and a deep 5-inch cantle, providing back support so you can keep your position. It also has a Gel-Crush seat.
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