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Ford Crown Victoria Trunk Lids and Parts

The Ford Crown Victoria is a four-door sedan model car that was first manufactured in 1992 (though two older models from 1955 and 1956 also use the name), and it was eventually discontinued in 2011. The Crown Vic is distinguished, among other things, by being one of the only three full-frame rear-wheel-drive cars to have still been produced in North America during its years of production. Car owners who wish to keep their vehicle in working condition can use Ford Crown Victoria trunk lids and parts to extend the car's life.

What are some common replacement parts for Crown Victoria trunks?

Some of the most common parts someone would need to replace on a Ford Crown Victoria, especially as it ages, would be the trunk lock and the trunk release actuators. These are the part of the car that allows the boot to be opened and locked remotely. Both the full actuator as well as replacement pieces to fix a broken actuator can be found. As an essential safety feature of the car, pieces for the emergency trunk release system included in second generation models are also an option, including replacements for the release lever.

Can parts from other cars fit the Ford Crown Victoria?

Depending on the car in question, other Ford vehicles may have pieces that will fit a Crown Vic. A few of these potential vehicles with donor parts include the Torrison, Grand Marquis, and Mercury. Several other cars from similar eras to the Crown Vic can also work, though it's recommended to use only a part made by Ford themselves.

What kind of non-mechanical pieces do Crown Victoria trunks use?

The Ford Crown Victoria uses a variety of plastic pieces in its trunk construction, most notably in the housing for the boot release. Trunk lids themselves can be bought if the existing lid needs to be replaced for some reason, repainted to match the rest of the vehicle if need be. It’s important, however, to make sure the lid comes from the same year as the rest of the car to ensure it fits properly. Chrome trim, red reflectors, and hinges are also an option when looking for a replacement part. As later model Crown Vics positioned their license plates on the boot lids, new license plate holders are available, as are emblems that can be stuck to the back.

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