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Buick LeSabre Trunk Lid and Parts

Truly, your trunk is the unsung hero of your Buick LeSabre and, indeed, of everyone else’s vehicle. Few things are more frustrating than finding out that the trunk, for whatever reason, will not open or that the lid needs to be propped up with a stick to keep your car from becoming a guillotine. The good news is that there are many parts you can buy that will help your Buick LeSabre’s trunk open and close safely and securely.

How do you know what Buick LeSabre parts to select?

The trunk of your Buick is made of rubber, and you will know that it needs a replacement because it is hard and brittle or spongy. This can allow rain or other precipitation to leak into the trunk compartment of your LeSabre. This can cause mold, mildew, and other problems for the trunk’s carpeting, mats, and the cover over the spare tire.

If your LeSabre's trunk is giving you trouble when you try to open or close it, you may have a damaged latch or lock. If the latch is jammed, you will probably not be able to open the trunk at all. If it is loose, the trunk may not close securely. If your lock is worn out, it won’t engage with your key when you try to unlock the trunk. Some locks are in such bad shape that when you pull the key out, you pull part of the lock out with it.

The trunk’s floor pan can rust and corrode from years of being exposed to dirt and moisture, and these problems can only worsen if the weatherstripping is bad and leaks get into the trunk compartment. If the trunk floor pan rusts enough, it can fall out altogether.

Can you repair or replace your trunk parts?

Repairing or replacing your trunk parts depends on how complicated the part is. Replacing the weather-stripping is fairly simple. You simply pull the old weather stripping out, clean the groove, and install the new weatherstripping on your Buick. If you can open your trunk, you can replace the lock cylinder by simply pushing it out and pushing a new one in. You will need to get a new key for it, though a key will almost certainly come with it. Other items like a latch are also easy to replace, again, depending on whether you can open the trunk at all. You may have to fold down the back seats, reach in with pliers, and work the latch. Make sure someone is around so you do not get stuck.