Trumpets are well-known band instruments used in both jazz and classical musical arrangements. Identified by their loud buzzing noises, they are one of the most distinctive instruments in the brass family. With many variations on the original design, there's a model out there for everyone.

Where did the trumpet originally come from?

Historically, these musical creations were first known to have originated as far back as 1500 BCE. Made from bronze and silver, some examples were discovered in Pharaoh Tutankhamen's grave, with other examples coming from both Scandinavia and China around the same time. The creations closer to what most people would recognize first got their designs during the Renaissance, further improved during the 20th century.

What types of trumpets are there?

Like many instruments, trumpets have several variations in design that create changes in the music they produce. There are many variations and subtypes of trumpets, but these are four major versions.

  • B-Flat: These are generally the most used form of trumpet as it's the trumpet many first learn to play when given lessons. They are often utilized in the main section of orchestras for their loud, bright sounds.
  • C: C trumpets are nearly identical to B-Flats save for having shorter tuning slides. They sound almost the same with the C being slightly brighter and louder.
  • Piccolo: A piccolo trumpet, as the name implies, is both the smallest and most high-pitched type of trumpet. Unlike most other brass family members, they utilize four keys instead of three.
  • Bugle: A valveless version, many know them for their use in the military or racetracks. Without any valves or keys to tune the instrument, its pitch and sound is entirely controlled by the player's own breath.
What are some brands of trumpets?

Many companies sell trumpets both exclusively or as part of a larger catalog of musical instruments. These are a few major brands known for their high-quality trumpets.

  • Austin Winds: They are makers of custom horns ranging from trumpets to cornets to replacement parts for many different brass instruments.
  • Chicago Brass: A company started by professional trumpet player Rich Szabo and musical instrument repairman Wayne Tanabe, these trumpets are made with professionals in mind.
  • Kroeger: German-made, these trumpets have gotten a reputation for their crisp music.
  • Taylor Trumpets: Utilizing stylish design sand striving for bigger and better creations, Taylor Trumpets specializes in Chicago jazz-style trumpets. They also provide a large variety of brass instruments to choose from.