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Trumpeter Military Models & Kits

Trumpeter military models and kits let you create your own realistic display pieces designed around historic crafts. You can look for one to build a tank, a motorcycle, a boat, or an aircraft. A scale model kit can feature a design built around one country's forces, like Russian or German forces.

What comes in model kits?

When shopping for scale models from Trumpeter, you may want to find out exactly what comes in the kit. These kits have graphics on the outside that show you the object that you'll build. This gives you a point of reference that you can follow as construction begins. Once you open up the packaging, you'll find other pieces tucked inside.

  • Parts: Trumpeter includes all the parts that you need to build a model inside the box. Some models may come with parts attached to plastic sheeting. You'll need to break each piece away from that sheeting before using one.
  • Decals: Once you finish building scale German tanks and other models, you can use the included decals. These decals mimic those found on actual crafts and add a more realistic touch to the piece.
  • Instructions: Trumpeter also provides you with detailed instructions. Those instructions walk you through everything included in the box. You'll find steps that you can follow when building and some images of what you should do too.
What are some of the models available?

Trumpeter makes scale models that look like foreign and domestic forces, like the American or German military. It also lets you pick a kit based on the type of vehicle that you want to build. Armored products include tanks and others that come with armor on the outside designed to protect those inside. Jeeps and other types of cars are part of its line of land models. Trumpeter makes sea and air models too. Aircraft kits let you build helicopters and planes. Sea sets include ships and boats like the USS Missouri. Trumpeter makes models of both currently in-use crafts and classic vehicles.

What is scale?

The term scale describes how large the kits are in comparison to the real thing. A Trumpeter 1:200 scale tells you that the model will be 1/200th the size of the actual object. Trumpeter uses a larger scale in its aircraft and land lines because these vehicles are smaller. You'll find scales of 1:35 and larger. The scale used for sea craft is often smaller because those ships are so large in real life.

What is an open-box kit?

An open-box kit is one that someone previously opened in the past. It should still come with all the parts made by Trumpeter, including decals. Models and kits become open-box products when the plastic or seal has been broken. Trumpeter seals all kits that leave the factory and adds clear sheeting to the outside. Military models and kits without this are open-box items.

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