Own a Legend: Powerful Triumph Motorcycles for Sale

Triumph is a very respectable brand in the motorcycle community because of its legacy that spans more than 100 years. If you want to own a part of history with a used or pre-owned bike or you're just looking to buy a new Triumph motorcycle, eBay has an active list of reasonably priced motorbikes.

Models and variations of Triumph motorbikes

There are three different production runs for these motorcycles: Pre-1983, 1985-1988, and 1990 onward. Motorcycles before 1983 are usually classified as vintage or classic Triumph. Among these, Tiger 100 is a well-known 500cc four-stroke motorcycle that is considered a hallmark of motorcycle engineering. Among the post-war motorcycles, T100, T120, and T140 models are still revered by motorcyclists around the world. T100 is a sports variant of Tiger 100, which was mainly designed for speed racing on flat terrain. In contrast, T120 was known as a highly reliable street bike. Later, T140 became the prominent model as it incorporated a 750cc engine and a five-speed gearbox option.

The new Triumph models are often called New Bonneville. These top-of-the-range models are distinguished by 800, 900, and 1200 specifications. They closely resemble the style and basic configuration of the classic model but with advanced engineering and engine power. The company has recently introduced 1200cc T120 as its flagship design commemorating the original T120. Similarly, T100 and a variety of new models under the “Classic Line” are introduced to rival top competitors.

What are prominent modifications in new Bonneville 800, 900, and 1200 models?

Most of the Bonneville models introduced after 2005 use at least an 865cc engine. In 2007, engines were equipped with a carburetor and used electronic fuel injection to meet emission requirements. Models after 2009 have a dummy carburetor that is a redesigned throttle body to retain the original vintage looks of these motorcycles. These models also received a larger reshaped fuel tank. The “Classic Line” introduced in 2016 is equipped with 1200cc or 900cc 270-degree liquid-cooled SOHC. Some of these “Classic Line” models also have a smaller front wheelbase to attract a different segment of bikers.

The Sixty 8 Bonneville accessories

These accessories were introduced in 2006 to provide bikers a chance to customize their motorcycles at less cost than the traditional setup. As a result, owners could customize their fuel tanks, seat covers, tank badges, panniers, and cam covers among a variety of other items. You may come across some of the modified bikes fitted with Sixty 8 accessories as they are specifically geared toward models made prior to 2008 before the introduction of the EFI engine.

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