Turn to the Trimble EZ Guide Displays for All Your Basic Field Functionalities and Corrections

The Trimble EZ Guide 250 and the Trimble EZ Guide 500 manual or automatic displays are very accurate guidance systems that are simple to use but provide superior aid in farm functionalites. They are entry-level systems that are great for the farmer who uses a few select field patterns and can benefit from assisted guidance. Affordable Trimble products help your farm run effectively and efficiently.

Is there only a manual GPS on the Trimble EZ Guide 250?

Yes, but it can be upgraded. The manual GPS Trimble EZ Guide 250 provides assisted steering. If you are looking for automatic steering, there are two ways to achieve this with EZ Guide system. One way is by purchasing the Trimble EZ Steer separately from the EZ Guide 250. Another is by purchasing the EZ Guide 500. The GPS Trimble EZ Guide 500 systems are the same as the EZ Guide 250 with a few upgrades. However, the Trimble EZ Guide 500 comes with the Trimble EZ Steer so you don't have to purchase it separately.

What are some good accessories that go with the EZ Guide 250 or 500 displays?

The accessories that you might purchase at eBay will, of course, depend on your particular needs. Keep in mind that not all flash drives are compatible with the EZ guide displays. Kingston and SanDisk work well. Here is a list of some of the more common secondhand accessories that go with the EZ Guide 250 or 500 displays:

  • Antennae upgrade kit: This can help you get a stronger signal and is ideal if you have a lot of tree lines around your farm.
  • Trimble EZ Guide keypad: This can give you the extra flexibility of using a handheld remote to control your display.
  • Extra/replacement cables: These can sometimes be needed depending on the brand of your farm equipment. It is also handy to have extra cables in case the original ones wear out.
Easy on the eyes

The display is a bright, high-quality 4.3-inch color screen that provides you with vivid details of the program. The 15 LED lights help to keep you on track and are easy to notice, see, and follow. The display also has individual night and day options. This means less strain on your eyes no matter what time you may be farming and using the displays. These features make the display easy on your eyes as you work for hours.