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Trilobite Fossils for Sale in Raw Matrix or Prepared Forms

Trilobites run the gamut of everyone's taste, from rough-hewn samples ripped straight out from digging to polished trilobite fossils primed for display as jewelry or in museum cases. If you desire the perfect trilobite fossil for sale, then you've come to the right place to indulge your passion for past ages of our earth. Select an inexpensive trilobite nestled in its last stony resting place, or choose a valuable trilobite fossil on eBay that has been polished and presented for your enjoyment.

What form does a trilobite fossil take?

Trilobite fossils range from raw matrix examples that invite you to play archaeologist as you free the fossils from sedimentary rocks with chisel, brush, and bicarbonate of soda, or they may come as polished as you like to insert into jewelry. If you enjoy delicate work to get that hands-on experience, then you'll want to choose matrix slabs containing a visible trilobite outline with the rest of the fossil embedded. Other trilobite fossils in the slab may lurk just out of sight to reward you for your patient labor.

What size trilobite fossils may be found?

The largest trilobite found reached over 2 feet in length and is worthy of a museum showcase, while those in the 1-inch to 2-inch category are most often used in jewelry or for personal display. The trilobites in jewelry have been prepared by polishing with sodium bicarbonate as the artisans freed them from their matrix housing.

Uses for trilobite fossils

There is nothing like holding a remnant of a once-living creature from 300 million years ago to promote a yearning to learn in students. Teachers the world over pass around sturdy fossils for this purpose, and simpler joys arise from people displaying trilobites as desk ornaments or paperweights. Jewelry made from trilobites provide unique conversation pieces.

Can there be other species embedded in a fossil matrix?

Since trilobites swam in broad, shallow seas, matrix slabs often house echinoderms such as starfish, sea urchins, and sea lilies in addition to your main trilobite specimen. Careful chiseling and scouring free these interesting shapes suggest a diorama of what life was like in the primordial early oceans. Polished trilobites sometimes show evidence of limpets that add a further dimension to the fossil whether it is used for jewelry or sits alone on display. If you are a teacher, student, or simply a paleontology enthusiast, discovering an affordable trilobite for sale on eBay is like discovering a live trilobite itself.

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