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Travel Gift Cards

Travel gift cards come in many forms and can provide you with travel benefits and gift certificates. You can find travel gift cards for Airbnb, hotels, Uber, and destination gift cards.

What kinds of gift certificates and cards are available?
  • Airbnb - This is a website that operates as a hospitality service for travelers. It works as a broker between travelers and those that can provide lodgings, such as houses, holiday cottages, apartments, and hostels. These offer a mix of both short- and long-term living situations for travelers.
  • - This a business that automatically Seeks out hotel chains in a specific region and highlights any deals or special rates for you. The company Seeks to find its customers affordable rates on area hotels without the need to sift through each one.
  • Uber This ride-sharing business operates like a taxi service and can provide you with ground transportation to and from the travel destinations of your choice. In some areas, Uber also operates as a food delivery service in conjunction with its taxi service.
  • Destination gift cards - These gift cards include savings on package deals and locations such as the Wisconsin Dells and its water park resort.
How can travel gift cards help you?

You can find gift certificates and cards that provide you with savings in several ways.

  • Transportation - Many cards will help you defray the costs of transportation throughout your journey. These could include gift cards with specific airlines, such as Southwest or Delta, to save on the cost of airfare or certificates that help you save money with taxi or car services once you've arrived where you want to be.
  • Lodging - Other items will help you save on living arrangements. Some places offer certificates that provide you with specific dollar amounts while other gift certificates will work for several chains, thus giving you more flexibility. You can also purchase gift cards that pay for part of your Airbnb reservations.
  • Specific Destinations - If you're interested in saving on costs to a specific place or attraction, there are certificates available for a certain amount off any services provided at the resort of your choice.
  • Cruises - Cruise line gift cards will cut down on the initial costs of your ticket or provide you with savings on activities while you're on board.
How can you redeem travel gift cards?

Certificates and gift cards will usually arrive in the form of an electronic code. You will then be able to apply this code to your flight, lodgings, or other bookings online. This feature allows you to take advantage of the savings almost immediately. If you have purchased a physical certificate instead, an agent will scan this item once you arrive at the location that validates the gift card's services, such as an airline or motel chain. It's a good idea to check both the discount amount and expiration date, if any, before you apply any coupon codes to your trip.