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The Importance of Transmission Jacks for Safe Lifting

Because a vehicle's transmission can be heavy and difficult to remove, a jack is a necessary piece of equipment to have during this operation. Whether it is at a repair shop or at home, the jack's job is to lift an item away from its housing through hydraulics. New and pre-owned transmission jacks are available on eBay.

How does a transmission jack work?

Through manual pumping or a connection to a compressed air system, it carefully pushes the transmission away from the car with hydraulics. This is so it can be removed by a winch or another transportation method.

How many pounds can it lift?

The affordable transmission jacks on eBay can lift varying amounts. The amount depends on the hydraulic jack model and the type of vehicle. Smaller cars may have a 100 lb transmission jack while bigger vehicles, like a pickup truck, can be at or beyond 400 lb. Oversized transportation, such as full-sized Recreational Vehicles (RV) or semi-trucks, could have an automatic or manual transmission jack in the range of 1200 lbs or more. There are also products that lift between 1500 lbs and 3000 lbs. Consult the jack's manuals to determine how much weight it can handle.

What is needed to remove a transmission?

  1. Use a car lift to raise the vehicle about 60 inches off the floor. Drain the transmission fluid and close or disconnect any valves.
  2. Position the hydraulic jack underneath the location. Raise it right above the fluid pan. Extend it manually or through air compression.
  3. Let it push the transmission up from the car slowly, it's weight centered on the extending arm.
  4. Once removed, secure it with accessory straps or shims.

What safety precautions are required?

Safety goggles and gloves should always be on when lifting heavy equipment. For the jack itself, ensure a slow and steady pressure is delivered from the air compressor so it doesn't raise the jack quicker than needed. Seek out a model with a wide leg base to enhance stability. Do not use a product which cannot handle the weight. If anything, select one which can handle more than the amount needed to lift. It's better to overestimate for safety than underestimate.

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