Complete or Improve Your Trailer With Other Trailer Ramp Parts

Whether you need to install new trailer ramp holders, entirely new trailer ramps, or a kit to perform maintenance, there are several trailer parts to choose from. To find trailer parts for your trailer, simply browse through this selection of them on eBay.

What types of trailer parts are available?

There are several different types of trailer parts that may be included. A few of them are:

  • Trailer ramps: Trailer ramps are used to load trucks, cars, or all-terrain vehicles.
  • Gates/hinges/ramp locks: These locks securely fasten your trailer ramps or gates to the back of your trailer.
  • Tire ramps: Tire ramps help raise your axle off the ground to perform maintenance.

Which types of ramps are suitable for your trailer?

Depending on the type of vehicle or item being loaded, you may need specific types of trailer ramps. For example:

  • Car and truck ramps: Cars or trucks require heavy-duty aluminum trailer ramps with traction to support their weight.
  • ATV and snowmobile ramps: All-terrain vehicles or snowmobiles require a ramp that suits the width of the axle or tracks.
  • Other cargo ramps: Miscellaneous cargo may require a flat or long ramp to lift heavy objects on the trailer.

How do you use trailer ramps or gates?

When trailer ramps are not down, you may fasten them to your trailer with ropes or locking mechanisms. To load items or vehicles with a ramp, follow these steps:

  1. Unlock the gate or attach the ramps to the slots on the back of the hauler.
  2. Lay the ramps on even ground and space them according to the width of the vehicle axle.
  3. Slowly load vehicles or cargo on the back of your trailer.
  4. Lock and securely fasten the loading gate or ramps on your trailer.

How do you use a ramp aid for tandem wheels?

Ramp aids allow you to perform maintenance on a tandem trailer axle, tires, wheels, or brakes without unloading cargo or using a jack. To use them, follow these steps:

  1. Slightly loosen the lug nuts on the tire that needs maintenance.
  2. Place the low end of the tire aid toward the front or back of the good wheel.
  3. Slowly drive or back the trailer on to the trailer aid so the wheel lands in the receiving cup.
  4. Place your vehicle in park and engage the emergency brakes.
  5. Fully remove lug nuts and replace or remove the wheel.