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Toys and Games Gift Cards

Gift cards for various toys and games can be a great way for you to pack more fun and enjoyment into playtime with your young ones. These types of gifts are available not only for games or toys that you can purchase and take home but other things as well. Many of these gift cards allow you to play games at specific establishments, such as arcades or restaurants that include games.

How can you use gift cards for toys and games?

Gift cards exist for a variety of gifts, companies, and brands. You can purchase them for specific toys for children or as a way to let them play in a fun environment. They also make excellent gift ideas for kids who know what they like.

  • Some establishments provide their own in-house power cards for patrons to purchase. You can use these cards in exchange for chips, tickets, rewards points, or all three categories.
  • Some coupons give you the ability to make digital purchases on games. Once you've purchased an item using one of these cards, you can then download it directly to your laptop or other compatible devices.
How do you apply gift card balances to purchases?

There are a couple of ways you can activate your toy or game gift cards. Which methods you use will usually depend on the type of gift you've purchased.

  • If you've purchased a digital coupon, you can simply apply the coupon code to your next purchase at validating establishment. This means you should also be able to order items from the retailer's online portal and have them shipped directly to you.
  • You will need a physical copy of some cards in order to get the benefits of using them. If you visit any establishment that has games that must remain in-house, you'll need to use your physical gift card to get credit for those items.
  • When you visit one of these places, you can present the card to the clerk or cashier. This person will then activate the card, allowing you to use it to play any of their games, accumulate tickets, or spend on various prizes.
  • You may need to re-activate the item during any subsequent visits to other branches of the store.
  • For security purposes, you may wish to register each such card under your own name and account or that of the person receiving the gift.
What gift cards can you buy?

Several entertainment stores provide games and toys that you can either purchase or enjoy on-site using your coupons. Some of the locations that accept these cards include:

  • Dave and Busters
  • Toys R Us and Babies R Us
  • Gamestop
  • Build-a-Bear