Keep Connected with a Toyota Highlander Navigation System

It can be convenient to quickly access navigation information through an in-dash system when you're on the road in a Toyota Highlander. There are a few different options available on eBay. Look through the choices of Toyota Highlander navigation systems, and decide which one works for your needs.

Do any come with a connection to a camera?

There are several Toyota Highlander navigation system options that can connect to a backup camera. In almost all cases, that camera activates when you put the Toyota Highlander in reverse so that you can have a better view of what's behind you.

Are there other features that can influence a purchase?

You'll likely find a variety of Toyota Highlander navigation system products on eBay. Some features that you might see include:

  • DVD player: When a Toyota Highlander navigation system includes a DVD player, it can be used to watch digital media. With appropriate cables, you can connect these systems to rear monitors so that your passengers can enjoy entertainment while you drive. In most cases, a built-in safety mechanism prevents the video from playing on the front screen while the car is in motion.
  • USB slot: If a USB port comes with your Toyota Highlander navigation system, you can use that to upload information. Specifically, you might be able to upload new map information or contacts. In some cases, you can connect your phone to the Toyota Highlander navigation system using a USB cable.
  • Wireless connectivity: If a Toyota Highlander navigation system comes with Bluetooth, you can use it to make calls in a hands-free manner. You can set things up so that your call can come in through the vehicle's sound system.
What's the difference between connected navigation and integrated navigation?

Both of these systems provide turn-by-turn directions so that you can track your progress and head in the right direction. The main difference is that the integrated navigation does not require the use of a smartphone to access the information. With a connected navigation system, such as Entune' Audio Plus that comes on select 2016 and newer Toyota vehicles, you can download the GPS Scout Link app on your compatible smartphone. You can then link your phone to your vehicle's system and access directions, find points of interest, and get updated traffic information through the in-dash display.

With an integrated Toyota Highlander navigation system, you:

  • will have maps preinstalled
  • can enter in points of interest
  • can search for directions after entering in specific addresses
  • can program your Toyota Highlander navigation system to remember your home address
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