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Towing and Hauling with Your Mazda 3

To be able to tow any sizable item with a sedan, you need the proper gear that not only has the capabilities to haul the weight of whatever it is that you're towing, but also is made to be attached correctly to your car. If you have the wrong gear, you could have major ramifications and cause damage either to your car or the items you're towing, or both. 

What Kinds of Towing Parts Are Needed for a Mazda 3?

  • Hitch. A trailer hitch is the piece of equipment that attaches the trailer to your vehicle. However to function appropriately, a trailer hitch needs to have a ball mount and trailer ball as well. A receiver hitch actually mounts to the frame of your vehicle and has a tube that the ball mount goes in. CURT is a leading manufacturer of trailer hitches and tow equipment. No matter what type of sedan you have, CURT makes a trailer hitch that fits your frame and specifications.
  • Trailer. A trailer is a wheeled apparatus that connects to your vehicle by way of a trailer hitch. There are different types of trailers such as pop-up campers, utility, travel, livestock, flatbed, enclosed and boat trailers. CURT manufacturers a hitch that fits to any type of trailer you are hauling. 
  • Ball mount. This part is the tube that inserts into the hitch and acts as the piece to hold the ball. This piece holds together with a hitch pin and clip or a type of lock. CURT also designs these parts for any type of vehicle.
  • Trailer ball. The hitch ball is a screw that essentially fits the trailer and vehicle together and allows you to turn when needed.
  • Coupler. This is a chain that works in conjunction with the hitch ball that allows your pieced together unit to travel over bumps and turn corners. CURT manufacturers a variety of couplers depending upon your make and model.

What Are Other Types of Hauling Gear That I Can Add to My Car?

  • Bike rack. A bike rack is an easy to install piece of equipment that can either hook onto the back of your car or slide into an already installed hitch. These bike racks can hold many bikes at a time and are great for day trips or vacations. Bike racks are relatively inexpensive and you don't need to match a specific rack to the make and model of your vehicle. 
  • Roof rack. Roof racks are a great way to get more storage with your vehicle. As sedan have little lee-way in storage options, having a roof rack allows you to hook up additional storage bins and even tie down your luggage on your roof. 

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