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Land Rover Range Rover Sport Towing and Hauling

One of the most useful functions of your luxury Land Rover Range Rover Sport SUV is the ability to tow and haul trailers, campers, and other loads as needed, thanks to the powerful gas or diesel engine in this supercharged Jaguar vehicle. Understanding what parts are necessary for successfully hitching a trailer or another towing load is important information to gather as you plan your trip or towing needs. The Land Rover Range Rover Sport towing and hauling capabilities are varied and are useful for planned events as well as for emergency situations.

What is the Range Rover and Land Rover’s towing capacity?

The towing capacity is defined as the amount of weight in pounds that a vehicle can safely pull. For Land Rovers or Range Rovers, the towing capacity fluctuates based on the model and the year of manufacture. While the 2018 Land Rover Discovery offers a substantial towing capacity of approximately 8,200 pounds, many of the earlier models of Land Rover Range Rover Sport vehicles offer a towing capacity of approximately 7,700 pounds.

What are some different hitch assemblies for Land Rovers?

Hitch assemblies for the Land Rover can be found in a variety of styles that meet different needs. The Sport hitches differ in how the weight of the load is distributed to the tongue. Some of the most common hitch assemblies include:

  • Ball mount: This is the most common hitch type. Most Land Rovers come with a ball mount on the rear for connecting to a hitch receiver on the trailer or towing load. Purchasing an upgraded or aftermarket ball mount may be required depending on what you plan to tow or haul.
  • Weight distributing hitch: This assembly changes the receiver hitch to a wider platform, thus better distributing the tow load weight between the vehicle and the trailer.
  • Fifth wheel hitch: For serious hauling, such as pulling a camper, popup, or small RV, these hitches are necessary. They not only handle the higher weights associated with such towing, but they also incorporate chains that allow for more fluid transfer of motion between the vehicle and the unit being towed.
What accessories can pull a car out of a ditch?

One of the benefits of owning a Land Rover Range Rover Sport is the ability to pull other vehicles back onto the road from treacherous conditions, such as ditches, mud, and water. While some Land Rovers are equipped with winches on their front bumpers, you can also use a heavy duty tow strap attached to the back of your Range Rover to pull another motorist's car back to safety. Tow straps generally require U-bolts or ankle shackles for use in your Rover.