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Picking Towing Equipment to Use with Your Jeep Commander

You have decided to go on a cross country trip or maybe just move stuff across two, and you want to buy or rent a trailer or maybe you just need some parts an existing trailer.  You don't need to buy or rent a truck in order to haul cargo, you can adapt your SUV.  Here are a few options that you should be thinking about before you start to tow.

How to Set Up Your Jeep to Be a Tow Vehicle?

The first and most important part that you will need is to get a trailer hitch if you are not yet set up with one. If you do have one, make sure it is compatible with the trailer you are going to use. You may need to purchase an additional hitch to adapt your receiver into the correct mount type, but make sure you are not adapting the vehicle for more than it can handle.

  • Ball Mount - This kind of hitch has a ball on the towing vehicle and the trailer has a socket like part that will attach and have movement like a joint in the body.
  • Receiver Hitches - These are probably the most common hitches you will see for towing with your Jeep Commander, and it probably comes with a rear receiver that the towing assembly can attach to. You can also find used and new versions of the kind that came with your SUV if your old one wears out.
  • Drivetrain - Make sure you know the towing power of your vehicle so that the travel trailer you purchase or rent does not exceed the towing capacity of your engine. Engines will lose power as they age. 

What Parts Are Available to Order?

It is important to maintain your towing assembly and there are some other useful pieces of equipment

  • Repair Kits - It is also a good idea to have a repair kit on hand to fix broken wiring and flat tires on the trailer.
  • Replacement Covers - These help plug the wiring receiver when the trailer is not hooked up.  As a small plastic park, it is easy for them to break off or get lost over time. 
  • Tow Hook - Use a tow hook to pull things out of the mud like other vehicles or to go short distances. The hook should not attach to an axle or bumper.  There are points in the frame design that you can use to attach this hook or you can attach anywhere on the frame itself.

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