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Hyundai Santa Fe Towing and Hauling

The Hyundai Santa Fe engine has the power to haul bike racks, cargo trailers, a boat, or other tow behind vehicles. When properly equipped, the manual Santa Fe can tow up to 5,000 pounds, but the automatic’s capacity is 4,400 pounds. The automatic has a lower load limit because the extra weight could compromise its transmission.

What type of hitch is made for the Santa Fe?

There are two hitches for your Hyundai, the Class 2 and the Class 3, which can be used on the Hyundai Santa Fe. Both have benefits and limits to consider.

  • The Class 2 is suitable for light to moderate hauling like mountain bikes, a motorcycle, and small boats or trailers. The Class 2 models are constructed of lightweight metal and add less weight to the vehicle.
  • Class 3 hitches are heavy-duty and can handle quad runners, mid-size trailers, and heavier fishing boats. These hitches are less expensive than the class 2 models. They are manufactured with heavy material, which adds weight to the vehicle, decreasing the overall fuel economy.
How do you attach a tow hitch to a Santa Fe?

Before installing a hitch, the automobile needs to be far enough off the ground so that you can work under it. Use jacks, blocks, or a car lift, if available, and make sure the car is very secure and will not move or roll.

  • The spare tire, which is mounted underneath the vehicle, will have to be removed before installation can begin. Open the hatchback, lift up the cover over the jack. Twist off the plastic cap under the jack to expose a lug nut; this nut is holding the tire to the vehicle. Using the lug-nut wrench, loosen it, and the tire will lower on a safety wire; release it and move it aside.
  • Underneath the back on the passengers' and driver's side are plastic covers holding on the outside fenders. They are held on by plastic screws, four facing the ground and one on the back side of the panel that you have to reach around to unscrew. Once unscrewed, there are two bolts between the panel and the car; squeeze your hands up and loosen the bolts then pull off the panels.
  • Now you will need to loosen the exhaust system. It is attached with three rubber rings. The exhaust is going to drop; you may need assistance handling it. Stay out of its path; it is very heavy. Spray the rings with a lubricant and pry the rings off.
  • Following the manufacturer's instruction, hold the hitch up against the underneath, lining up the bolt holes. Hand tighten all of the nuts and bolts; then with a torque wrench tighten to manufacturer’s specifications. Make sure the hitch is securely fastened to the automobile.