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How to Tow With Ease Using Your Honda Civic

Not all Civics come with towing capabilities and you may find that there are times that you need to tow a trailer. You can find various towing accessories for when a situation should arise and turn your Civic into a tow vehicle.

What Towing Parts Can I Find?

The kind of towing equipment that you will want to buy all depends on the type of towing and whether you want a permanent or temporary solution. You can find the following:

  • Trailer hitch: If you want to tow a small trailer, then the connection you need between your vehicle and the trailer is a trailer hitch. You can have a permanent hitch that uses a fixed ball mount, or a temporary trailer hitch that uses a removable one. 
  • Ball mount: A ball mount is what allows your trailer to turn and swivel with your car as it moves around corners. You will need a ball mount lock to keep a temporary ball mount in place.
  • Tongue: The force a trailer exerts is captured by a tongue, which fits over the ball mount. A tongue lock will secure this. 
  • Safety chains: Should your trailer hitch fail, then safety chains linked between your Civic and the trailer will provide backup attachment.

What if I Don't Need To Tow a Trailer?

There are other reasons you could need to tow that don't include with a trailer. You may need to pull a stuck car out of the mud or snow, or gently tow a vehicle that has broken down to the nearest mechanic or gas station. In this case you will not need a tow bar, but have other options.

  • Towing straps: A tow strap is an automobile traction pull rope that uses high-strength polyester and is usually anywhere between six and thirty feet long. There is no elastic in the strap so you are able to tow another vehicle without the risk of stretching. You can use a tow strap by connecting it to your Civic and also the other model vehicle with hooks and the weight capacity it can handle is up to five tons. Rather than being a permanent towing solution, you can keep a tow strap in the trunk of your car to pull out when you need it. 
  • Tow cable: A tow cable is a thin line like a rope which you can attach between two vehicles. These may not be as strong as tow straps and caution should be taken when towing. 

What Other Accessories Can I Find For My Honda Civic?

If you would like to improve and update the look of your vehicle, you can search for other Civic accessories such as bike racks, spoilers, interior lighting parts, windows, dash kits, GPS systems and touchscreen radios. 

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