Touch Screen Monitor 15 for Simple Computer Interaction

If youre looking for a way to interact with your computer that doesnt require a mouse or a keyboard, one of the 15-inch touch screen monitors in this collection might be the perfect solution for your situation. There are many different types of touch screens available on eBay, and one model might be better than another for your purposes. To learn how to select the right screen for your needs, review these answers to common questions.

How do you connect these screens to a computer?

Many of the touch screens in this collection use VGA video connectors, but you usually have to connect the built-in USB cord as well if you want to utilize all of the functions of your monitor. Once youve wired your monitor correctly, youll need to install the appropriate software on your computer that will display the type of interface youre looking for.

How do you pick the right touch screen?

Depending on the application in which youll be using your touch screen, you may want a screen with both height and angle adjustments. Also, youll want to consider the resolution of the touch screen as you make a decision. If youll just be using your screen to take orders, resolution doesnt matter very much, but it might matter if youll be watching training videos on the same computer. You can find a plethora of cheap touch screen monitors on eBay.

What are some potential applications for these touch screens?

You can use the touch screen monitors in this collection for any purpose that you can think of, but here are some of the applications in which these monitors are most commonly used:

  • Retail: Retailers love these touch screens because they make it easy to process transactions. In many cases, its possible to outfit these monitors with credit card readers, which makes the transaction process even easier.
  • Food service: Whether youre taking orders at a burger joint or figuring out where to seat guests at a five-star restaurant, a touch screen monitor can come in handy whenever youre serving customers in a food service setting. Monitors that only span 15 inches are discrete enough to not get in between you and your customers.
  • Medical: Another place in which the touch screen monitors in this collection come in handy is in medical settings. Its often hard to handle a traditional mouse and keyboard while youre serving a patient, and touch screens eliminate the hassle of taking your gloves off every time you need to use your in-office computer.