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How to Control Your Toshiba Blu-ray DVD/VCR Player Remotely

Toshiba is a group of corporations that manufacture digital products and electronic devices such as Blu-ray players. If you use one of their players in order to view Blu-ray DVDs, you may wish to get a compatible remote control or replace the original if you lost it. A remote control may allow you to turn on and access your Toshiba Blu-ray player and play DVDs without using the buttons on its front panel.

What Blu-ray remotes are available?

If you are searching for a new or replacement remote control for your Toshiba player, it may be helpful for you to know some of the common models you may encounter. This information could help you find a product that is compatible with your device. In addition to standard Blu-ray remotes, some examples you may discover during your search include the following:

  • DVD/VCR - Some remotes may be compatible with combination Blu-ray DVD and VCR players.
  • DVD recorders - If you have a Toshiba Blu-ray player that can record video to blank DVDs, you may wish to purchase a compatible remote that features recorder options. These items will usually feature options for setting record times and modes for the videos you want to watch.
What are some features of Blu-ray player remote controls?

The precise features you'll be able to control with your remote depend on what Toshiba player you own. Some common features you may be able to find include the following:

  • Open/Close - This feature may allow you to open the Toshiba Blu-ray player's disc tray remotely. You may wish to do this in preparation for switching to another Blu-ray disc or to stop playback if other functions on your Blu-ray player are not responding.
  • Play mode - Some remotes may have this option to help you switch between DVD, VHS and HDMI video content.
  • Angle - This option may allow you to alter the viewing angle of your video without using the buttons on the Blu-ray player.
  • Setup - If you have a combination player and recorder, this feature may help you set up your recording preferences.
How do you choose a Blu-ray player remote?
  • Check compatibility - You should first check the model number of your Blu-ray player. This can help you find a remote that will work with it. Some remotes may work with multiple Blu-rays.
  • Choose the features - You may wish to choose a Blu-ray remote that is exactly like the one you are replacing. However, some remotes may feature additional options. Check the buttons on the front of your Blu-ray and start from there.
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