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Bring Your Memories Back With VCR and DVD Players

VCRs may not be as popular as they once were, but you may find yourself in need of such a device if you have a VHS movie collection or simply because you want to watch all those home movies you made 20 years ago. With a VCR/DVD combo machine, you can update your recordings to DVD technology, while also having a two-in-one device for all the movies in your collection.

What Are Some Features to Look for When Buying a Toshiba VCR and DVD Player?

  • Connectivity: One of the essential technical specifications to take into account when shopping for a recorder is connectivity, as you need to make sure the device you buy is compatible both with your HD TV and your sound system.
  • VHS Functions: Besides being able to play your VHS collection, you may want to look into a DVD VCR combo that counts with the way dubbing. This allows you to record content from your tapes onto blank DVDs.
  • DVD Functions: Some of the features to look for when it comes to the DVD recorder includes 1080p conversion so that you can convert standard definition images into HD signals, as well as the ability to play music CDs on a home sound system.

What Cables Do I Need for a VCR Player?

If you have a flat screen TV you want to contact a VCR machine to watch your content, you will need a cable with yellow, red and white connectors. Often called RCA plugs, these cables use a plug for the video signal, and two for the right and left audio signal. If your TV doesn't have a yellow socket or if you want to use HDMI inputs for your device, you may want an RCA to HDMI converter.

What Types of Discs Can I Record With a Toshiba DVD Recorder?

To record digital content from a VHS tape or directly from the TV to a DVD, you need blank discs. Multiple options exist, including DVD+RW, DVD-RW, and DVD-RAM discs. DVD+R discs are the most compatible type of blanks, as they work well with the vast majority of recorders. However, if you are looking for blank discs that are rewritable, opt for DVD+RW ones. As a rule of thumb, you can record up to four hours of video content on a single DVD, which should be more than enough for the entire content of a VSH tape.

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