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Replace Your Keyboard, Not Your Laptop

After regular wear and tear, parts wear out on your Toshiba Satellite laptop. Thankfully, you don't need to purchase a new computer when the keyboard doesn't respond as it should or worse yet stops working altogether. Instead, you can buy a new keyboard that's compatible with your Toshiba laptop and install the component with minimal effort.

How Do You Know When Your Keyboard Needs Replacing?

Letters, numbers, and symbols used frequently have a tendency to rub off and look unsightly. You can still use the keyboard keys without replacing the laptop keyboard and replace individual keys whenever you choose. You have a different problem when you're typing and keys don't respond or delay when pressed. That's one of the first warning signs that you need a new keyboard. Before you purchase a replacement, make sure to remove dust and other debris that lodges under or around keys. If you're still unsure whether the keyboard is working properly, press a combination of keys, such as "Control-Alt-Delete," to check key responsiveness. Furthermore, BIOS (basic input output system) detects whether keyboards are fully functional during the computer startup process. If the keyboard isn't working, the computer normally doesn't boot up.

What Information Do You Need Before Purchasing a Replacement Keyboard?

You need the model number of your laptop that normally appears somewhere on the back of the device. You can also obtain the information from the computer by accessing data from the properties and system information menus. For convenience, your existing keyboard may also have a label that includes the correct part number. In most instances, the same keyboard is compatible with a wide range of models.

How Do You Switch Out a Used Keyboard With a New One?

  • You can take your laptop to a professional or complete the installation yourself. You'll need a Phillips-head screwdriver and a tool to pry off the cover. Once you've disconnected the laptop from a power source and removed the battery, remove the trim piece positioned between the computer and keyboard. Be careful when removing this cover to avoid damaging cables and other small parts.
  • Once you pry off the cover, remove any screws that secure the keyboard to the computer frame. You'll need to unlatch the data cable connector to release the cable.
  • Before you install the new keyboard, reattach the data cable to the new part, secure the laptop keyboard to the computer, and replace the cover. Then, reinstall the battery and start up the computer to double check that the keyboard works.

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