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Toshiba Laptops and Netbooks

Laptops are becoming a necessity in everyday life, whether you are a student, in the workforce, or even just like to browse the internet or stream TV in the evenings. Toshiba has a worldwide presence in the technology industry, and they offer a large number of high-quality laptops and notebooks to fit any need. Toshiba laptops vary significantly in a variety of aspects, including size, weight, and functionality, so it is important to know what requirements you need before choosing a laptop.

What are the different types of Toshiba computers?

  • Netbooks: These models are small and lightweight, focusing largely on portability and cost effectiveness. These generally have a screen size of less than 13 inches, and they are quite thin. Because of their small size, these devices do not often have certain features like CD drives or Ethernet plugs.
  • Notebooks: A notebook is slightly larger, generally having between a 13-inch and 17-inch screen. This larger model is also often a bit heavier, but it offers added functionality, as it is able to handle a majority of available desktop operations.
  • Laptops: A laptop is slightly larger than a notebook in both thickness and weight. Because of this, a laptop offers more functions, as it is basically able to complete the same tasks as a desktop computer.

What laptop specifications do you need?

  • Storage: Toshiba offers two different types of hard drives: solid state and hard disk. Solid state drives offer faster speeds, but they commonly only support 128 or 256 gigabytes of storage. Hard disk drives are only slightly slower, but can support upwards of one terabyte of storage, allowing you to store more physical data on your device.
  • Memory: Depending on the model, Toshiba products can range from one gigabyte of RAM to 16 gigabytes or more. One gigabyte is sufficient for internet browsing, but having two or four gigabytes of RAM is probably ideal for most users, as this offers more speed and works better for a variety of online tasks, including streaming.
  • Display: Toshiba's product displays can range from 11 to 18 inches. The larger the screen, the higher resolution you can get, but it also comes with added bulk and weight.

What is a refurbished Toshiba laptop?

Many computers may be labeled as refurbished units. A refurbished Toshiba laptop is one that has been returned to the retailer or manufacturer by a customer. The company then repairs or replaces defective components, and the Toshiba unit is checked for performance. A refurbished laptop is ensured to have full functionality, and you can often get refurbished models at a discounted price, but be sure that the internal hardware still fits your requirements.

What is a Toshiba Satellite?

The Toshiba Satellite product line was one of Toshiba's earliest manufactured models, and it became popular in the early 1990s. The Toshiba Satellite laptops continued to be manufactured until they were discontinued in 2016, as Toshiba decided to produce more business-oriented devices. These units varied largely in size and functionality. Some of these Toshiba products were smaller and came with consumer-friendly specifications at a lower price point, while other models offered top-of-the-line hardware and technology.

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