Topaz Fine Jewelry

Topaz is one of the hardest natural gemstones available. Its color can range from a deep red to golden and then blue topaz. Whether the metal gold or sterling silver, the color variance and durability of this stone lends itself to many settings.

What's the difference between Blue Topaz and London Blue Topaz?

There are three general categories of blue topaz gemstones that are currently found in jewelry. Each maintains a hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale. Sky blue topaz derives its name from the shade of the sky itself. Swiss Blue Topaz is a deeper blue than sky blue topaz. London Blue Topaz is a very deep shade of blue. Each of the blue topaz shades has been heat treated to create its shade of blue from the original clear state of the gems.

Are these gems considered birthstones?

Topaz was originally mined on a Greek island known as Topazos. The word actually translates to mean fire. These gems are firmly rooted as November's birthstone. The original stone was recognizable as a rich, golden color, and that's the birthstone widely associated with November. However, because of the many shades of the gemstone, blue topaz is also a regularly occurring representative for November.

Are topaz earrings available?

Earrings may be available in a variety of shapes, shades, sizes, and styles. For instance, white gemstones set in gold or sterling silver could be set as stud earrings. London Blue Topaz earrings, on the other hand, might be designed in a vintage setting. A golden cushion cut surrounded by smaller white gems and encased in a solid rope of sterling silver may represent another option.

Is a topaz pendant available?

There is a range of options available when deciding on a pendant created from this gemstone. As with all of these gems, there is a choice of color ranging from pink to blue topaz. Additionally, the pendant setting may be one type of gold or another, or it could be created to have the gem featured as a sterling silver pendant. The pendant design can feature clean lines or ornate detailing.

Is topaz jewelry available in sterling silver?

Because of the hardness of this stone, it is suitable for daily wear. Sterling silver is also considered a durable metal that's appropriate for regular use. A blue topaz ring set in sterling silver, for instance, could be worn as a regular adornment. These gems are frequently blended with sterling silver in earrings, for example, because each of the components offers durability. Blue topaz may be set against sterling silver filigree earrings. A sterling silver bracelet setting that surrounds a variety of shades, including blue topaz, can be worn daily. Whether featured in a sterling silver setting for earrings, a pendant, bracelet, or ring, this fine jewelry combination offers longevity.