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The Appeal of Rugby Striped Casual Shirts

Polo shirts, such as the ones offered by Tommy Hilfiger, are must-haves in every man's wardrobe, but they really don't have to be plain and boring. Rugby designs add a splash of character to these shirts, due to their birth originating from sports. Rugby players used to wear formal clothes like tweed blazers in the past, but eventually adorned these stiff-collared T-shirts as their game outfits.

What Makes a Rugby Shirt Design?

A rugby shirt design is a plain polo tee usually with an Oxford collar that possesses horizontal stripes of a different color running across the shirt. This style became associated with rugby after a deal where sports teams agreed that soccer players would wear shirts with vertical stripes while rugby players would wear horizontal stripes.

How Do You Choose the Right Rugby Casual Shirt?

The preferences of an individual may vary, but in general, some things that you can think about before settling on a shirt include:

  • Brand - Many different brands offer rugby casual shirts as part of their polo line, including Tommy Hilfiger. This brand is one of the most popular when it comes to polo shirts and men's clothing.
  • Color - Rugby casual T-shirts now come in a variety of colors, but a classic choice is a blue shirt with white stripes. That being said, feel free to choose any color that helps you look good and expresses your personality.
  • Sleeves - Choose between long sleeves and shorts sleeves, depending on how you intend to use the shirt. If you're constantly out in the sun, long sleeves can provide good protection for your arms, and help achieve a more polished look. Sleeves that are short are great for practical purposes, as they are more lightweight and allow for better ventilation.
  • Fit - Polo tees generally come in regular or slim fits. Slim T-shirts hug the body, showing off the shape of the man's body. Regular fit shirts are looser, providing more ventilation and movement space.

What Can You Pair with These Shirts?

Among the looks that can go with rugby polo shirts include:

  • Denim - For a casual and subtly sporty look, wear the shirt with a pair of jeans. This works especially when if the fit of the shirt is on the slim side.
  • Oxford shirts - Some men wear an Oxford shirt under the shirt for a casual but more refined look.
  • Khakis - Besides denim, khakis offer an even more laid-back pairing to polo shirts.

For more information on sizing and measurements, see manufacturer site for details.

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