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Tommy Bahama Clothing for Men

Since 1993, Tommy Bahama has provided men with clothing that incorporates different aspects of island culture. Tommy Bahama clothing for men comes in a variety of styles, from surf board T-shirts to board shorts and outerwear. These garments are available in a variety of sizes that can typically be divided into regular, big, and tall sizes.

What are the different materials used with these garments?
  • Linen: This is a type of textile cloth that is woven from fibers that are taken from flax plants. It comes in a weave material and can be either coarse or fine in its texture. This type of fabric is used within most of Tommy Bahama's dress button-down collared shirts, formal pants, and more.
  • 100% cotton: This is a fibrous substance that is obtained from the Seeds of the cotton plant. It is altered into a textile fiber by being spun and can be combined with other natural and synthetic materials to create a blended material. This material is commonly used in the polo shirts offered by Tommy Bahama.
  • Silk: This is a thin and soft fiber that comes with a sheen and is produced directly by silkworms. This fiber consists primarily of cellulose and is used in many of the brand's short sleeve floral and Hawaiian shirts.
  • Denim: This is a type of material that is made from cotton and comes primarily with a blue dye, although white and black dyes are also available with Tommy Bahama jeans. The denim jeans available come in several different wash varieties as well, such as acid wash and medium wash.
In what colors is clothing from Tommy Bahama available?

Tommy Bahama shirts and pants come in a wide range of color options like red, navy blue, light blue, purple, and gray. Most Tommy Bahama garments are designed with the outdoors and island culture in mind, using bright, natural tones and prints.

How do you select the right Tommy Bahama garment?

Choosing a shirt or pair of pants can involve a large number of variables. Follow the guidelines below to ensure you get clothing that fits both your body and your taste.

  • Select a type of shirt or pant: There are many different types of shirts and pants available with Tommy Bahama, from polo shirts and casual button-down shirts to cargo shorts and denim jeans.
  • Select a size: These items can be selected in a large number of sizes in categories of regular, big, and tall.
  • Select a color: There are many available colors to select across the various striped, solid, and patterned options.
  • Select a material: The numerous materials available to you with these Tommy Bahama shirts and pants extend from cotton and polyester to silk and denim.
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