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Tom Ford Unisex Sunglasses

Tom Ford unisex sunglasses are made to be worn in diverse weather conditions, and are designed for use by both male and female buyers. Each aspect of the glasses, from the fit to the frame width, is constructed to fit different face sizes.

What are the different shapes of Tom Ford sunglasses?

Although they are unisex, Tom Ford sunglasses have different shapes to their frames. Among them are:

  • Aviator: Aviator shapes are designed after the classic military frame, with a metal or plastic frame outlining the typically large lens.
  • Square: Square frames come in a number of lens types and can be framed by either plastic or metal.
  • Cat-eye: Cat-eyes have a mask-like shape that extends at an angle at the outside corner at the top of the lens.
  • Geometric: Geometric glasses have a different geometric shape than the standard glasses.
What colors are available?

These sunglasses are available with a number of frame colors, including black, brown, gray, metallic, pink, red, havana, honey, violet, and rose gold-brown.

What are the different lenses of Tom Ford brand sunglasses?

There are variations in the lens of the sunglasses. Not all sunglasses have the classical black lens, and even they vary from lens to lens:

  • Blue-blocker lenses: Lenses that are designed to block out blue light.
  • Polarized lenses: Minimize the reflected glare caused by light reflecting on the surface of the sunglasses.
  • Mirror-coated lenses: Reflect the light at the front surface of the eye.
  • Gradient lenses: Tinted from the top down making the top darkest.
  • Double gradient: The top and bottom are darkest, and the center has a lighter shade.
  • Photochromic lenses: Change their tint depending on the amount of sunlight present.
Are different color lenses available?

Tom Ford sunglasses offer models that have different color variations from the classical tinted glasses. The different tints available are green, blue, gold mirrored, pink, amber, and yellow.

What is the size determinant of Tom Ford sunglasses?

To find your sunglass size, you need to measure the width of your cranium. Using a ruler, measure the distance from one of your temples to your other temple. The temple is the outer edge of your eyes. Have the ruler stand straight in front of your face and measure this distance. This measurement will determine the frame you need.

Other important sizes for sunglasses are:

  • Eye size: width of the lenses at the widest point
  • Bridge size: piece of the frame that connects the two lenses in the middle and goes above the nose
  • Temple size: the arms of the sunglasses
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