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Titleist Golf Clubs

Titleist golf equipment makes clubs that range from single irons to complete sets. Titleist also offers golf clubs with a wide variety of different flex types designed to help you control your shot. Here is some information on Titleist golf clubs and how they work.

What is a wedge and when do you use it?

A wedge is one of the more unique types of golf clubs and is used in situations that require a high loft. Wedges have the heaviest heads and highest lofts of any other class of golf clubs, which means they are used in short-distance situations where the golf ball doesn't have to be hit far to reach the green.

What types of wedges are there?

Among Titleist wedges, there are four different types that you should be aware of. They are the lob wedge, sand wedge, pitching wedge, and gap wedge.

  • A lob wedge provides a loft of 60 degrees in the air, which is used when you want to hit a short shot with no rolling.
  • A sand wedge is mainly used when hitting from a bunker.
  • A pitching wedge has the lowest amount of loft and is used mostly for approaching shots from around 100 yards away.
  • A gap wedge is similar in function to a pitching wedge but requires a full swing to hit similar distances.
What is the difference between a fairway wood and hybrid?

Hybrids and fairway woods are designed to help you play a shot that you might not otherwise have been comfortable doing. A fairway wood is similar in makeup to a driver that you use during your initial shot from the tee. They are typically used on long par fives when you are still hundreds of yards away from the hole. A hybrid is designed to work as a combination of long irons and woods, and it can be used in either the fairway or rough.

Which flex should you choose when selecting Titleist golf clubs?

When choosing a Titleist golf club, you will notice there are several different flex styles available with all golf clubs from wedges to drivers. The flex of a golf club refers to how much the shaft of the club will bend when you are swinging it to hit a shot.

The four types of flex include stiff, extra stiff, regular, and seniors. The shaft flex influences the distance, accuracy, and trajectory of your shot. The faster you swing, the stiffer the flex should be. The regular and senior flex clubs offer the most forgiveness in a hit while stiff and extra stiff are designed to be used if you can routinely hit 225-275 yards off the tee.

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