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Ford Bronco Tire Accessories

Your Ford Bronco sits on a set of rugged wheels that contribute to the comfort and efficiency of your ride. Like other features in your car, your Bronco's tires need care and maintenance to function optimally. Certain accessories can enhance the performance of your Ford's wheels.

Why are spare tire covers important?

There are numerous benefits to covering your Ford Bronco's spare with a well-fitting spare tire cover.

  • Theft deterrence: Some tire covers include anti-theft locking systems that prevent the theft of spare tires. Covers that aren't fitted with such systems still offer some theft protection because covered spare tires are less conspicuous than uncovered ones.
  • Weather protection: A good tire cover will shield your Bronco's spare from the sun's UV rays, preventing it from drying out and cracking.
  • Aesthetics: A cover that complements your Bronco's exterior will upgrade the look of your car.
  • Style statement: You can use your cover to express your personal sense of style.
How do you select a tire cover for your Bronco?
  • Step 1: Choose between custom or universal fit.
  • Step 2: Choose between rigid or soft.
  • Step 3: Choose a material. Options include leather, vinyl, vinyl-coated polyester, and rigid ABS plastic.
  • Step 4: Choose a graphic design. Both hard and soft covers are available in plain black or with assorted printed designs, including the iconic Ford bronco.
How can you winterize your Ford Bronco wheels?

Certain accessories make winter travel in your Ford Bronco easier and safer. For snow and ice, boost your Bronco's traction with one of the following.

  • Anti-slip studs
  • Anti-skid chains
  • Traction straps
  • Anti-skid mats
What are the different types of tire gauge?

Checking your Ford Bronco's tire pressure regularly can improve your truck's fuel efficiency and boost overall performance. The process of checking your vehicle's pressure is quick and easy. All you need is a basic gauge. Choose from one of three basic gauge types, including stick, dial, and digital. It is also possible to purchase air valve caps with integrated pressure indicators.

What is typically included in a puncture repair kit?

Puncture repair kits come in handy when your vehicle experiences a flat. Repair kits generally include the following.

  • Rasp tool: The rasp tool is used to roughen up the surface of the hole to enable better bonding.
  • Repair strips: A sticky repair strip is inserted into the hole to plug it up.
  • Split-eye insertion needle: The needle is used to insert the repair strip.
  • Razor: Some kits include a razor, which is used to remove excess from the inserted strip.
  • Rubber cement: Some kits include rubber cement that must be applied to repair strips before they are inserted in the hole.