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Honda Civic Timing Components

A Honda Civic, like any other car, needs to follow a long-term maintenance schedule. One of the most misunderstood milestones involves replacing the timing belt or chain. Understanding the ignition sequence and its parts is the best way to stay ahead of problems and keep the car in excellent condition.

What happens if a Honda Civic timing belt breaks?

In many cases, the car will not be able to run with a broken timing belt. Most models of Honda Civic use what is known as an interference engine. In these designs, the belt is what ensures that the pistons and valves never collide during ignition cycles. If the vehicle runs with a broken belt, there is a good chance one or more valves will bend. Such a bend would necessitate replacing the entire engine.

When should the timing belt be replaced on a Civic?

The recommended mileage for replacing the timing belt can be found in the owner's manual under the maintenance schedule. The recommendations vary by year, model, and trend, but on average they need to be replaced between 90,000 and 115,000 miles. The manual will also recommend replacing the water pump at the same time. This is because the water pump has a similar shelf life and the belt has to be removed to replace the water pump in the first place.

What is a timing belt tensioner?

The tensioner is a piece that helps keep the timing belt taut. It is important for ensuring that the ignition cycles run correctly. When a tensioner isn't working correctly, it can cause the belt to squeal or rattle. It is also recommended to replace the tensioner whenever the timing belt is removed.

What is engine timing?

Engine timing is a term that explains the sequence between various rotations and sparking the fuel. In simple terms, the car is moved by sparking the fuel, and the process works at its best if the fuel is ignited when the piston reaches top dead center. The sequences are controlled by the electronic ignition system and the timing belt. The ignition system determines when the spark plugs fire, and the belt keeps the various pieces moving in the right sequence.

Where is the timing belt located?

The belt will be attached to the harmonic oscillator, water pump, and crankshaft pulleys. On most Civic models, it will be found between the main block of the engine and the front driver-side wheel. Accessing the belt requires removing a number of covers and other engine components.