Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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Tiffany & Co. Fine Jewelry

Tiffany fine jewelry is a beautiful way to pamper yourself or to let your special someone know you care about them. Available in a wide array of different items and styles, there is truly a piece for everyone. Tiffany jewelry is high quality, elegant, and always a lasting investment.

How do you choose a Tiffany piece of jewelry?
  • Ring size or necklace length is a good starting point: ensure you buy the correct size band or chain.
  • The cut of the stone depends entirely upon preference.
  • Presence of a stone can help to narrow down selections further. Presence is the overall feel of a diamond or gemstone. The feeling it evokes upon evaluation is important. A diamond set in traditional Tiffany and Co silver carries with it a certain symbolism and pride.
  • Options like traditional, princess, and square help to individualize pieces of jewelry. This ties into the way stones are seated in a particular piece; some stick up past the band while others are inserted further down into it.
  • The color of a stone varies widely depending on the particular type. While white is traditional for diamonds, they also come in lots of other shades. Other beautiful options like sapphires, rubies, and emeralds make the decision a tough one. Clarity is the absence of cloudiness upon looking at a stone. Clearer stones are valued more highly than opaque ones.
  • Finally, the carat tells you how large the stone is.
What should you consider when choosing jewelry from Tiffany?

The size of the jewelry, the specific stone, and your own personal aesthetic preferences should be considered when purchasing Tiffany jewelry. The size and stone will determine a range of possibilities, and intricacies will determine a selection.

If you are not shopping for yourself, you might even consider bringing the person you are gifting for so that they can weigh in on the decision. In the case of an engagement, the person wearing the piece typically has more at stake than the person buying it and may want to be included in the decision.

Why is Tiffany jewelry so famous?

Tiffany and Co is an American company started in 1837 to retail luxury goods. Known mainly for sterling silver and diamond rings, it remains a jeweler of the utmost quality, investment, and expertise. The brand is held to one of the highest standards in the industry, and revered by many as the most established retailer. The signature blue Tiffany box attracts nearly as much attention as the jewelry itself. It was also featured in the movie, Breakfast at Tiffany's.

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