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Nissan Altima Throttle Body

The most fundamental activity of a car is to take a person from point A to point B. A large group of parts, including the throttle body, help a car like a Nissan move on a regular basis. When your Nissan Altima throttle body needs work or replacement, a delay can lead to your car being stuck indefinitely in the driveway.

How does a throttle body work?

A throttle body is a metal housing connected to a network of sensors and the gas pedal. It helps to regulate the intake of air into the engine and the resulting procedure that accelerates the vehicle. When the gas pedal is depressed and the car moves from idle, a lever or a wire is activated, which controls the butterfly valve. The butterfly valve controls the amount of airflow into the engine. Greater air flow means a smoother process of combustion along with greater combustion and acceleration.

How do you replace a throttle body?

Replacing a throttle body for a Nissan involves removing a multitude of parts. These include the vacuum hoses, position sensor, and cables. The Altima throttle body is held on by an array of screws. Remove those screws and take off the gasket that connects the Nissan Altima throttle body to the rest of the vehicle. Then, the new part must be inserted and reconnected in reverse order. All of the different parts of this process are available if you lose any of them or if they become damaged or warped. This list includes the 1993-1996 Nissan Altima Stanza connecting rod.

What types of throttle bodies are available?

Many Nissan Altima throttle bodies and parts, from the dealer or from other sources, are available. For example, there is the 2002-2006 Altima Sentra 2.5L throttle body assembly with TPS, which comprises the entire part. However, this is just a replacement for the original factory part. Other bodies and parts are available that can help improve the original performance of the body. For example, a body spacer can be inserted into the part in order to help improve turbulence in airflow and functionality of the vehicle.

There are also some parts that do not make up the entirety of the Nissan Altima throttle body. Nissan owners can purchase replacement hoses that attach to the part. Additionally, they can purchase the original shells without any of the interior parts. An OEM 2002-2006 Nissan Altima 3.5L V6 throttle body assembly is available, which does not have the gaskets or any of the hoses attached.