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Throttle Body for Jeep Wrangler

Jeep Wranglers are compact and mid-size SUVs with four-wheel drives designed for off-road use. Performance is essential for the rugged driving conditions your Wrangler may encounter, and one of the most vital components to ensuring peak vehicle performance is the throttle body. In this parts category, you will find a throttle body for Jeep Wrangler and related parts that will keep your Jeep in top condition.

What is a TBV, and what does it do?

The throttle body valve or TBV is one of the parts that is used on vehicles with fuel injectors such as on the Wrangler and Cherokee. The TBV controls the flow of air between the intake and the manifold. When you press on the gas pedal, the TBV opens to allow the flow of more air through the intake filter and into the intake manifold where it is mixed with the fuel. The deeper you press on the gas pedal, the more the TBV opens. Likewise, when the pedal rises, the TBV will close more. In this way, the fuel mixes with airflow in the proper ratio to provide increased power.

What is a throttle body temperature sensor?

It is a device that measures the temperature of the fuel, which is important because fuel and air must be mixed at the right temperature to provide peak performance for your Jeep. If the reading is faulty, the engine control module or ECM on your Jeep may provide too much fuel, which will cause choking. The engine on your Jeep can fail if the temperature sensing device fails. Replacements are available in this parts category.

Why does a throttle body require cleaning?

Dirt will cause the throttle plates to close improperly. This may reduce mileage and cause stalling and poor acceleration in your Jeep. The TBV on your Jeep can be cleaned by removing the hose and spraying cleaner inside the part.

What happens when the gaskets on a throttle body leak?

When gasket leaks, the result is similar to having a vacuum leak on a carburetor, such as stalling, misfires, hesitation during acceleration, and rough idling. Gaskets are available in this product category.

What is a motion position sensor?

The motion position sensor or MPS reads the position of the gas pedal as it is pushed down by the driver. This information is sent to the ECM, which then adjusts the TBV to admit the proper amount of air to mix with gasoline for engine power to match with the position of the gas pedal. Delayed acceleration and random stalling are symptoms of a bad MPS. Also, if your vehicle randomly increases speed, it may indicate a faulty MPS. This product category includes MPSs for Jeeps and Cherokees.