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Honda Accord Throttle Body

The throttle body controls the flow of air into your Honda Accord's fuel injection system. This is a vital piece that affects the overall performance of your vehicle. If you suspect yours is going bad, it may be time to get a replacement one.

What does the throttle body do?

It is basically a tube that contains a butterfly valve. It regulates the amount of air that enters your Honda's engine. For the fuel-injected Accords, it gets information from the air-flow and position sensors. It uses this information to add the right amount of air to the fuel mixture, resulting in the correct amount of power.

How do you clean and maintain a Honda throttle body?

These components and the entire fuel-injection systems on Honda vehicles should last for a long time. They are generally maintenance-free parts. After 75,000 to 100,000 miles, a simple cleaning can add to the life of the part. While you generally want a professional to clean the fuel injectors, a Honda throttle body can easily be cleaned with some cleaner using common tools. Cleaning should be done outside in a well-ventilated area. You should start by disconnecting the ground wire of your battery. You may need to remove the screws and lift the part out while still allowing any wires to remain connected. The goal is to spray the cleaner inside of the air ducts and use a toothbrush or a similar soft item to scrub away dirt, oil, and grime.

How do you know when a throttle body is failing?

One of the most common symptoms is poor or rough idling of the engine. This is a result of the wrong mixture of air and fuel, which is normally regulated by this component. Fast idling is often indicative of this part going bad. Electrical problems can also be a sign that you need a replacement. When the air flow is not correctly regulated, it may cause issues with a number of sensors. These, in turn, will result in electrical and or computer problems. Last of all, if you notice dirt, grime, and other deposits in the housing, you will likely need to get a replacement soon.

What happens if a malfunctioning throttle body is not replaced?

At first, this may just cause occasional misfires and rough idling. If not corrected, these symptoms will only continue to get worse. Eventually, it will cause poor performance and may even cause the engine to not start. It can affect other components as well. The air and fuel mixtures can leak into places where they are not supposed to go, causing havoc in other areas of the motor.

What manufacturers make these parts for the Honda Accord?

Honda makes them with the original factory specs that will fit your Accord without any problems. There are a number of aftermarket components available as well. Here is a brief list of some of the manufacturers that produce high-quality components for your Honda Accord:

  • Edelbrock
  • JET
  • BBK
  • Holley