Buy Third Reich Coins at Reasonable Rates

Germany's Third Reich was an important juncture in the 20th century as it affected millions of lives. Coins from the era serve as a reminder of the Holocaust and other significant events. eBay has a large selection of reasonably priced Third Reich coins that you can buy to preserve this history.

Coins of the Third Reich

The term "Third Reich coins" is sometimes used to describe Nazi coins of a specific era. The Nazis began minting coins in 1933, which also marked the beginning of Hitler's rise to dictatorship. The collection starts in 1933 and ends in 1948.

Almost all used Nazi coins for sale in this era have a trademark swastika. Each coin has a distinct mint mark on the coin that can be used to identify the mint that produced the coin. At the time of the Hitler takeover, coins were produced in Berlin, Vienna, Munich, Muldenhutten, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, and Hamburg. Each of these mints was represented by a different letter of the alphabet. You can easily find the mintage by identifying it under the date on most coins.

Occupational mints

Distinguished by a hole in the center, the rare occupational Reichsmarks, mainly produced in 1940 and 1941, are also of interest to collectors. These mints represent the Nazi occupation of France and Belgium, which required a large number of new coins to operate its Nazi-controlled economy. Originally, 100 million to 200 million coins were ordered for production, but only 40 million were released because these countries no longer required the coins.

Only Hamburg and Munich produced a significant number of these coins. Due to the limited quantity, most mints during this era are rare because the coins were melted as a result of lower demand. Only mint coins 1940 5 A and D and 1940 10 A are common because they were produced by mints in Hamburg and Munich.

Rare Nazi coins

Prior to 1940, all of the smaller and larger denomination coins were minted from superior metals that included high-quality zinc, aluminum, and copper. The quality of the mint changed at the start of World War II. After 1940, most WW2 German coins for sale were minted from smaller quantities of zinc.

Any coins from the start of the war in 1939 until 1940 were made from high-quality metals. As a result, these coins usually fetch a much greater value compared to other used coins. Another valuable coin is 50 Reichspfennig. This Nazi coin's value is greater than that of contemporary coins because it was the only type that was minted from aluminum after 1940.