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Theater Tickets

A birthday or other special occasion can be a great time to visit the theatre and see a Tony award-winning musical or a critically acclaimed off-Broadway show. Ticket sales for these sorts of events are highly competitive, so you may have to pick carefully. You can find tickets for everything from the serious John Doyle revival of The Color Purple to the hilarious Puffs shows, so there are a lot of great options to choose from.

What do ticket seating terms mean?

Of course, one of the most important parts of ticket shopping is finding a good seat for the event. Knowing what these terms mean will make your experience easier.

  • Floor: These are typically the closest to a stage.
  • Lowers: Lowers provide seating on the lower level of an arena or auditorium.
  • Uppers: These are the seats in the balcony. Front row balcony seats can provide a great view.
  • Mezzanine: Mezzanine seats are the side balcony seats right by the state.
  • Piggyback: You may see this term to refer to seats with one directly behind the other in the next row back.
What types of tickets can you purchase?

If you are interested in going to the theater, you have many different ticket options to choose from.

  • Broadway Theatre: This is technically any show that occurs in New York City houses with at least 500 seats. There are 41 theaters capable of putting on Broadway level performances, and they are some of the most highly respected theatres in the world.
  • Off-Broadway Shows: Off-Broadway shows are shows with a capacity anywhere between 100 and 499 seats that still occur in New York. Some popular off-Broadway shows, such as Hamilton and Rent, eventually get moved to a Broadway theatre.
  • Broadway Tours: If a show is popular enough, it will start touring around other major theaters in the nation. To count as a Broadway national tour, most of the production and cast from the original should be included in the theater.
  • West End Theatre: Tickets to the large events in the West End area of London are just as sought-after as Broadway tickets.
How do you redeem a theatre ticket?

Tickets may be paper or digital. Depending on your ticket type, you may need to follow certain steps.

  • Hard Tickets: This is the easiest type of ticket to redeem. All you need to do is go to the building at the scheduled time and present the ticket at the entrance.
  • eTickets: After printing your electronic ticket on a home computer, it can be redeemed like a hard ticket. Despite the common misconception, you do not need your name printed on these tickets. They will still be redeemable if you present them at the event with the previous buyer's name on the theater ticket. In some cases, you can also show the QR code for a ticket displayed on your phone.