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PC Video Games: Choosing a Suitable Game

The Sims 2 is a PC game where players control characters in situations modeled around human relationships. While most video games pack high-octane fighting and smashing features, Sims 2 focuses on mirroring normal living situations. You can build up a virtual house, community, and an entire city while micromanaging different lives of characters contained within the game.

Can you tell me more about the Sims 2?

The Sims 2 is a strategy video game from Electronic Arts (EA). One thing that is unique about Sims 2 and the rest of the games in the series is that there is no final climax or prize within the storyline. There is only an option to reward the characters with aspects such as social validation. Everything involves the daily stuff that you interact with in life. You get an opportunity to play roles that you can only dream about in real life.

  • Sim - A Sim is the main character in the game. Your role is to walk the character through all its phases of life, from conception to raising a family, up until death.
  • Create-a-Sim - It is a feature in The Sims 2 that allows you to set up a new character and create a family. There is an option to make a child within the button.
  • Careers - Sims can find jobs, gain promotions, and get fired through social interactions and a series of chance cards.

There are a series of social interactions on Sims 2. It is these aspects that help bring to life the characters in the game. Every Sim has a unique personality and set of aspirations, which control their wants and fears.

  • Influence - A Sim can make another Sim complete a task or goal. Characters grow their influence points every time they fulfill certain wants. The points drop when their fears increase. When the character has a wide circle of friends, the influence bar grows in the same perspective.
  • Reputation - Reputation in The Sims 2 carries the same level of importance as it does in life. It carries the key to career development and other perks.
  • Chemistry - Sims can choose what turns them on and what doesn’t. The feature helps them to find other Sims to form a relationship with.
  • Fury - It is a feature that allows the Sims to get angry at other Sims. When furious, a character may fight or destroy the property of the Sim who has caused the anger.

What considerations should I make before buying?

Check if your computer hardware meets the requirements needed to run the video game. They include the processor, graphics card, and the random access memory (RAM). Some games need advanced features and high speeds on all the specifications. The Sims 2 video game play well on most basic PCs.

You should also check if the operating system that you use on your PC can run the game. There are different versions of Sims 2 for Windows OS and Mac OS.

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