Sword and Sorcery in Classic Console Video Games

The Legend of Zelda series is one of the most popular games available on a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) device. The video game series by Shigeru Miyamoto and set in the world of Hyrule, has evolved into a complex multi-platform universe, incorporating elements of high-fantasy, puzzle solving, and action-adventure. In order to choose an NES title from The Legend of Zelda that suits your playing style, you will need to understand the basic gameplay features and central characters. Since the original The Legend of Zelda video game released in 1987, the main characters in the NES series have been Link, a transferable title for characters wearing a green coat and wielding the Triforce magic, and an otherworldly being called Princess Zelda. 

Why Should I Use a Console to Play Legend of Zelda Video Games?

Although several The Legend of Zelda video games have been released on other console gaming platforms, you can't match the sense of nostalgia you get from starting up a classic or modern The Legend of Zelda game on a console. Two more specific reasons why The Legend of Zelda is an excellent example of NES gaming are: 

  • Responsive Gaming: The majority of The Legend of Zelda video games are optimized for gaming on NES devices. This means that the main story and gameplay functions are built around console controls and functionality. Using a console device will undoubtedly lead to a different gaming experience than the developers intended. 
  • Classic Console Commands: The way you play any The Legend of Zelda video game, whether you're fighting across Hyrule or upgrading your character's skill tree, will seem far more intuitive using a classic console operating system.

How Do I Play Legend of Zelda on an NES device?

The gameplay and graphics vary between each iteration in The Legend of Zelda series. However, you can expect certain gameplay trends to continue when playing the modern Zelda titles on a console. 

  • Gameplay Style: Most of the stories in The Legend of Zelda sage revolve around Link embarking on an adventure in order to save Princess Zelda. Along the way, Link usually fights through dungeons, forests, and ruins, collecting weapons and learning magic along the way. 
  • Graphical Requirements: Because The Legend of Zelda video games are optimized for a console, the main graphical requirement is simply ensuring that there is at least 14 GB of space available on your console device. 
  • Character Progression: Alongside their progression main story, your chosen character will develop further through a series of mini-quests. In these role-playing quests, you can choose between certain character actions and upgrade their skill tree according to whatever attributes you wish to increase. 

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