Tesla E88cc

Tips for Buying Tesla E88CC Tubes on eBay

You can enjoy eBays vast selection of vintage E88CC vacuum tubes with many different devices. Hardware new and old is capable of enjoying the tremendous performance gains offered by vacuum tubes. Read on to find out about the specs and features of these Tesla E88CC tubes.

What are some features of these vacuum tubes?

eBays selection of Tesla E88CC vacuum tubes includes a number of intuitive features. When paired with a target device, these features can enhance your devices efficiency, output, and more. Below are some of the more prominent benefits available with eBays selection of Tesla E88CC tubes:

  • High voltage: These tubes are perfect for transmitting large volumes of power, as their 7.3 V capacitors are built for even the most demanding target devices.
  • Original packaging: Many of eBays E88CC tubes retain their collectible value as they include their original packaging. Some options are even factory sealed. Consult the listings to confirm whether or not this is the case for each offering available of eBay.
  • Audio: Vacuum tubes, especially the E88CCs, are well-suited for audiophile-grade playback devices as their unique design and transmission capacities provide sound quality that surpasses even modern equivalents, like transistors.
  • Heat conductivity: These vacuum tubes deftly avoid one of vintage hardwares most frequently issues: overheating. With conductive materials, like copper, lining their ports, these vacuum tubes are resistant to heats of varying extremities.
  • Performance parity: Pairs of vacuum tubes ensure performance parity between the two included products. The power balance between pairs of tubes are especially important with vintage devices, like ham radios.
Are there different versions available?

Yes. eBays listings include different customization and buying options for these vacuum tubes. Some options differ slightly in specifications and build quality while others are value-oriented options, like bundles. Below are some of the available purchasing options for Tesla E88CC tubes on eBay:

  • Matched pairs: Many listings include "matched pairs," which are two refurbished tubes taken from the same original hardware. Matched pairs perform with increased efficiency because of their more closely aligned performance rates.
  • Gold pin connectors: Pin connectors ensure stable connectivity and power transfer with target devices. Options that are lined with certain metals, like gold and copper, are better suited for things like heat conduction and power transfer, which makes them appealing for efficiency-minded shoppers.
  • Bundles: Many listings offer bundles that include an assortment of vacuum tubes, installation hardware, and individual parts. These listings can offer fantastic values.
  • Singles: Individual vacuum tubes or replacement parts.
Which devices are these tubes paired with?

Below are some examples of common target devices:

  • CRT TVs
  • Hi-Fi audio devices
  • Microwaves
  • Vintage radios
  • Desktop monitors
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