Everything You Need to Know About the Telefunken 12ax7 Tube

Originally, Telefunken sought to use vacuum tubes to further wireless communications using radios. Now, a variety of vacuum tubes are available on eBay to purchase. The Telefunken 12ax7 vacuum tube is a favorite to use in guitar amplifiers.

What are the features of a Telefunken 12ax7 tube?

The 12AC7 vacuum tube is a high-gain tube that produces low noise. It is the most used type of tube in input and inter-stage audio amplifiers. The Telefunken 12AX7 vacuum tubes are compact and produce a full frequency response that is of high quality. When pushed into overdrive, the 12AX7 creates distortion that has strongly defined lows in addition to smooth highs and a rich-sounding midrange. Other information about the Telefunken 12AX7 vacuum tubes is included in the following specifications:

  • Type: R.F. dual triode
  • Base: Noval
  • Number of pins: 9-pin
How does a vacuum tube work?

Vacuum tubes control electric current flow between electrodes when an electric potential difference has been applied. All this happens within a glass tube that has had all the air removed to create a vacuum. For signal amplification, a thermionic tube is used. Thermionic tubes use thermionic emission created by a heated cathodes production of electrons. This phenomenon can create signal amplification and can also affect how that sound is received. This means that different vacuum tubes can be used to produce different sounds within an amplifier. The original 12AX7 vacuum tube was created by RCA and released to the public in 1947. While RCA created it, many musicians prefer the sound from a Telefunken 12ax7.

What is a tube amplifier?

Vacuum tubes were first used to improve long-distance telephone communication before also being found useful for other endeavors. Before transistors were invented in 1947, most quality amplifiers were made using vacuum tubes. Some still prefer the rich sound of the tube amplifier for its warm tones and natural impulses. Put simply, a tube amplifier uses vacuum tubes to increase the power of the signal's amplitude. While a tube amplifier is often used for guitars, they also can be used for satellite transponders, radar and other military applications, audiophile stereo amplifiers, and high-powered radio and UHF TV transmitters.

Can you purchase the Telefunken 12ax7 vacuum tube in bulk?

You may need more than one Telefunken 12ax7 vacuum for your amplifier or amplifiers. There are many options to purchase more than one vacuum tube at a time on eBay.

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