Teeter Hang Ups

Teeter has been designing, building, and patenting inversion tables for over thirty years, spreading the beneficial effects of inversion therapy throughout the world. Those with back pain, an intense exercise regimen, or those simply seeking to try out the benefits of this experience can explore Teeter Hang Ups.

How Do I Use an Inversion Table?

By securing the ankles in a brace and tilting the body to the upside-down position toward the ground, gravity relieves pressure from the back, spine, and neck.

  • Each table will allow the user to set the desired angle of their inversion. Results begin with as little as 20 degrees and a maximum of 60 degrees is recommended by Teeter's specialists. All Teeter tables include an auto-locking feature that maxes out at 90 degrees for safety.
  • Once in the slanted position, the Teeter Hang Up position allows the spine to naturally stretch on its own, supplying back pain relief to some in even one day.
  • The time of each invert depends on each individual body, but several minutes, several times a day is recommended.

What Are the Benefits of Teeter Inversion Therapy?

Teeter Hang Ups offer the benefits of inversion therapy, the most common being to address back pain. One of the leaders in the industry since 1981, their patented and tested equipment can be trusted for health benefits and safety. Inversion has a list of additional benefits:

  • Back pain: Many people choose inversion therapy to support a healthy back or when issues such as sciatica threaten surgery.
  • Poor circulation: Inversion therapy can aid in the circulation process to the muscles and joints, especially in the region of potential spinal cord issues, leading to a range of pain relief.
  • Vibration Cushion: Teeter offers a unique vibration cushion to protect the neck and head while inverting. Other Teeter Hang Ups accessories include a set of acupressure nodes, particularly helpful for pressure-reducing effects of this practice.

Are There Any Warnings About Inverting?

As with all exercise regimens, there are some important things to know before using a Teeter brand or any inversion table.

  • Blood Pressure: Inverting had been known to increase pulse and blood pressure levels. Speak with your doctor before considering using a decompression machine of this kind if you have high blood pressure.
  • Headache and blurred vision: When returning to the upright position, some people have experience sudden headache or blurred vision. If this occurs, take a break from inversion and discuss with your doctor.
  • Dizziness: Quite a common side effect, some may feel dizzy when after spending time upside down. This should subside with time and multiple uses.

Well-known models include the Teeter Hang Up Dex II Decompression, Teeter Hang Ups EP-960 Inversion Table, and accessories like Teeter EZ-Up Gravity Boots.

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