Selecting Teddy Bear Making Supplies

Have you decided to try your hand at creating your very own teddy bear? From selecting the cloth to choosing the eyes, the process is creative and fun. There are a whole raft of available teddy bear supplies for you to dream up and create the soft toy of your, or your little one's, dreams. Handmade teddy bears also make cute and personalized gifting option.

What Are the Suitable Materials for Making Teddy Bears?

Commonly selected fabrics for making teddy bears are those which are plush, soft, and easy to sew. Those that wash and wear well, and accessories that won't interact or cause damage easily, such as plastic and cotton threads, are likely to be ideal, especially if you're making bears for children.

  • Mohair, mohair type textiles, felt, and faux fur are soft and tactile for children and babies, and evoke that traditional teddy bear feel. Mohair offers a fur-feeling characteristic to toy bears.
  • Plastic disc eyes are a modern take on traditional glass eyes. Plastic safety eyes are an excellent option if you are intending to create the teddy bear for small children to play with, and once attached, they cannot be pulled out easily.
  • Felt and velvet are other fabrics used to create plush animals and bears.

Can I Use General Supplies for Making Teddy Bears?

The possibilities are endless when making teddy bears. You can use supplies of all kinds to create your bear, even leftover fabric scraps.

  • Specialist supplies, such as discs, allow you to create rotating limbs if desired. However, it's possible to work without these and simply use strong thread and a needle to sew your bear's limbs.
  • You can use fabrics of any type and description.
  • You can use general doll and toy supplies, such as threads and accessories, for teddy bears. In fact, you can repurpose general upholstery fabrics to create a bear, which are often ideal because of their hard wearing properties.

How Do I Get Started Making Teddy Bears?

There is a whole culture of stuffed toy, teddy, and doll enthusiasts who believe in the art of creating bears from scratch. More than just the fabrics, there are many resources available as part of your teddy bear making supplies.

  • Teddy bear and bear making patterns create templates for you to cut out your fabrics to size, and craft your perfect stuffed animal.
  • Books focused on the art of soft dolls and stuffed animals provide detailed information on techniques and methods used to get the outcome you desire.
  • For the absolute novice, or as a gift to give someone who is interested, teddy bear kits are available with all the items, patterns, and accessories you need to create your own bear masterpiece.

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