Tips for Buying Tecsun PL660 Hardware on eBay

Are you looking for a new shortwave radio? eBay can take care of all your broadcasting needs and more with their stellar selection of Tecsun PL660 devices.

Do these radios include any tuning capabilities?

These radios include many options for those who enjoy tuning their shortwave radios. Tuning allows enthusiasts to enjoy more precise and personalized audio signals. Below are some of the Tecsun PL660's tuning capabilities:

  • Jog dial: A manual method where each figure is determined and input by the user. Great for tech-heads and hobbyists.
  • Pre-setting scans: Tuning performed by the radio after performing a brief scan of operating conditions. Great for hikers and adventurers who will be moving between different areas frequently.
  • Automatic: Fully automatic tuning. Great for those who put usability before all else.
  • Frequency direct: A tuning option that allows you to customize your signal's frequency.
  • On-board options: Some pre-installed tunes created by Tecsun. Suitable for those who want to get started with their radio right out of the box.
What are the specs for these radios?

Below are some crucial specifications for these shortwave radios:

  • FM Range: 76~108 MHz
  • MW Range: 522~1620 kHz
  • AIR Range: 1/25 kHz
  • Memory: 500MB On-board storage
  • Aviation band: 118-137 MHz
What options are available for these products on eBay?

eBay has tons of different buying options available for you to enjoy, including hardware variants, replacement parts, carrying cases, and more. Below are some of the more widely available options on eBay:

  • Power adapters: Both original and third-party chargers are available. Third-party options mimic the specifications of original chargers, which means you will enjoy the similar performance at a reduced price point. Original chargers will be more appealing to collectors, however.
  • Replacement parts: Replacement parts, like antennas and internal battery packs, are available on eBay as well.
  • Carrying cases: eBay has several listings available for carrying cases, which range from pouches to more form-fitting elastic options.
  • Silver models: Some listings include the collectible silver Tecsun PL 660. This model includes all of the functions available with the black model and only differs in color. A great choice for those who want a more personalized shortwave radio.
What are some features available with these products?

These shortwave radios include many intuitive and practical features for you to enjoy. Below are some of the features available to you with eBay's selection of Tecsun PL660 radios:

  • Multi-function display
  • Alarm and digital clock
  • Switched-based power options
  • LCD display
  • Mono and stereo audio output
Content provided for informational purposes only. eBay is not affiliated with or endorsed by Tecsun.