Technics Has The Right Turntable To Fit Your Needs

Finding the right type of turntable could completely change your music experience. Technics has a variety of turntables to fit your style. eBay has several listings of tested, easy-to-use turntables with great sound quality.

What type of Technics turntables are available?

Technics has a wide range of turntables in different colors and styles. Each category has its own distinctive features and level of performance. The robust sound quality will satisfy the most discriminating music enthusiasts. Some turntables include:

  • Direct Drive Turntable System SL 1200G - This conventional turntable features an advanced drive motor that eliminates a vibration irregularity called "cogging." It also has a high precision, 3-layered turntable, balance adjustment, high-sensitive tone arm, and four-layer cabinet construction.
  • Direct Drive Turntable System SL 1200GR - The turntable is a direct drive turntable system. This turntable has advanced digital technology, a high rigidity platter, and high-quality terminals that produce superior sound.
  • Direct Drive Turntable System SL 1210GR - Known for its high performance, the 1210GR is considered the next generation because of its damping characteristics and high-precision motor. This model also delivers a smooth sound.
  • Direct Drive Turntable System SL 1200GAE - This turntable has a direct drive motor, insulator and high sensitive tonearm. The turntable platter has a brass top finish.
What should you look for in a Technic turntable?

Technics turntables are known for design and superior sound output. If you are looking for a Technics turntable there are some factors you should look at before you make your choice. Here are things you may take into consideration:

  • Style - The Technics turntables are available in black, stainless steel, and even brass top finish.
  • Features - Some Technics turntables have more features than others. You can make comparisons and determine what fits your own personal need.
  • Sound Quality - The sound range varies depending on which turntable you choose. The high-quality terminals attached to the back of the turntable the sound quality.
  • Condition - eBay has a full range of both new and used Technics turntables to choose from.
What accessories come with the Technics turntable?

Technics turntables may come with the following accessories: turntable sheet, dust cover, PHONO cable, cartridge screw set, PHONO earth lead, auxiliary weight, headshell, overhang gauge, and owners manual. These accessories are designed to help heighten your listening experience.

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