The Technics SL 1900 Brings Quality And Reliability Together

In a world of downloads, streaming, and one-touch purchasing, the idea of a record player can be a retro way to experience music. The Technics SL 1900 record player can be found at an affordable price on eBay with plenty of options for customizing.

What should you consider when looking for a Technics SL 1900?

When searching for an SL 1900 on eBay, there are multitudes of SL 1900s available in a number of variations. Choose from models that have been upgraded to elite machines all the way down to a bare bones model. Whatever state you're looking for, there are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing a turntable.

  • Reliable Construction: The SL 1900 is manual and completely customizable. This means you can replace and upgrade components on your own (with a little research). However, the SL 1900 isn't a bare-bones model, it features an automatic arm for smooth transitions in and out of play mode.
  • Drive: The main types of drive are Belt and Direct. The SL 1900 features a direct drive. This drive creates less drag on your records as they spin, are turned off, and are scratched. Because there is no belt to create drag, the needle floats freely when turned off.
  • Features: The Technics SL 1900 features automatic single disc playback, options for continuous play, a two-speed direct drive system. It features the option to play back a record up to six times. The SL 1900 also features a heavy monolithic base and isolator system which protects from outside vibrations.
What are benefits of a Technics SL 1900?

Technics has a long-standing reputation amongst the top of the turntable industry. Here are some of the common factors you'll find in these machines:

  • Cost: Technics SL 1900s can be found on eBay for low prices. These turntables rely on good design and quality parts.
  • Performance: Used by record aficionados and DJs alike, the SL 1900 work well and are designed to be repaired by the user. If anything should go wrong, they are easy to fix and even upgrade.
  • Durability: The combination of quality parts and simple design also lend to the SL 1900's durability.
What features are available on the Technics sl 1900?

The Technics SL 1900 offers a direct drive system for smooth operation and low wear on your records. An automatic arm allows for easy playing and stopping. While the features on this turntable may be limited, the quality of construction and ability to easily upgrade components make the possibilities endless.

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