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Tattoo Supplies

If you're looking into becoming a tattoo artist, it's important to know about tattoo supplies. There is a wide variety of tattoo supplies available including tattoo machines, ink, and needles. Understanding the different types of tattoo supplies that are available will make choosing what will fit your needs easier.

What are the different types of tattoo machines?

There are three main types of tattoo machines available.

  • Coil tattoo machines - These include traditional, heavier and louder. Traditional coil machines work by two coils being charged and turned into an electromagnet. The electromagnet pulls the machine's armature bar down towards the coils, which forces the needles into the skin.
  • Rotary tattoo machine - These types are quieter. They work by using the small motor inside that moves the tattoo needles up and down in a smooth, almost cyclical pattern. These are ideal for intricate tattoos.
  • Rotary cartridge tattoo machines - You can change out the ink using premade cartridges. This saves time and these machines are ideal for tattoos that require a lot of different colors.
What are some different types of tattoo ink?

The type of ink you use effects the color vibrancy of the tattoo. Some different types of ink include:

  • Intenze Tattoo Ink
  • Starbrite Tattoo Ink
  • Moms Tattoo Ink
  • Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink
  • Skin Candy Tattoo Ink
What are tattoo needles?

Tattoo needles come in different shapes and sizes which gives different effects when tattooing. They are disposable and should not be used on more than one client. They usually come in packs and are pre-sterilized. Here are the different types of tattoo needles:

  • Liners - Liner needles are used to outline tattoos. The diameter and number of the needles determines how thick or thin the line is.
  • Shaders- Shader needles are used to shade and are either round or flat. When turned on their side, they can also be used for outlining.
  • Magnums- These needles are either weaved or stacked. They can be used for shading large areas or outlining.
What other types of tattoo supplies are there?

In addition to the basics, there are many other tattoo supplies to choose from.

  • Grips improve how you hold the tattoo machine.
  • Stencils are used to make a layout for the tattoo.
  • Tattoo stuff is used to adhere the stencils.
  • Gloves are needed for sanitization purposes.
  • Sanitization and aftercare products are important for keeping the supplies, skin, and general area clean, as well as to keep the tattoo clean afterward
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